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    Latest From Musk: Production Cybertruck almost exactly same but better. No door handles. 4 wheel steering. Self opening doors.

    When I first read this, I completely agreed. Then I was thinking, most cars automatically lock their doors while driving. Also the MS and MX have handles that present themselves. That may not happen if they are in an accident. If most any cars are in an accident that the driver (or passenger)...
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    Samsung and Tesla sign deal for Cybertruck rearview mirrors / cameras

    Interesting to see that the Mirrorless CT may be reality. I for one am in favor, and hope this is what will be part of the final design.
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    F150 Lightning Predictions

    I was going to put in a reservation as well, seeing that today marks my one-year anniversary of putting in my CT order, but I think I will wait and see. When I went to the Ford website, they had little to no new information. The catch for me was that I didn't like the idea of a salesperson...
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    I am holding firm on my CT reservation for the UK. Who else ?

    Look like the UK will be getting a Tesla factory soon....
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    Nap Mode for Cybertruck - wishlist

    I don't really think you are wanting a 'NAP' Mode... I think you came close with 'S3XY'.....
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    Concerned about safety when driving your Cybertruck?

    Yes, I have a slight fear that people will want to be funny and recreate the launch day theatrics of hitting the door or throwing things at the windows. Who knows, maybe someone will even try to test the bulletproof claim.
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    Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    I know Bill Cosby is out of favor, but your story made me think of this.... The USA is so big it has many languages of its own.
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    Tesla Files to use new millimeter-wave radar on FSD cars.

    The BETA videos I have seen show that there is still lots of work to do. I would say FSD is helpful, but not yet a functioning system (Except on highways).
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    Tesla Files to use new millimeter-wave radar on FSD cars.

    I guess I was looking at it wrong, from the point of view that they still can't make FSD work, and are looking for new hardware to fix the problem. Musk has said that using Lidar is stupid, but other manufactures are all using it. But in reality, what you say is true, let's make it better no...
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    How About a CyberJetski to go with the CyberQuad? Imagine a nearly maintenance free Jetski. And when it needs to be recharged, just plug it in to your CT.
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    Tesla Files to use new millimeter-wave radar on FSD cars.

    I know they are upgrading older cars with the new hardware and always updating software, but, I am starting to get a little worried that they may never actually achieve FSD. Elon has been saying for years now that with this upgrade (hardware, software, whatever the occasion) FSD will be here by...
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    Tesla Files to use new millimeter-wave radar on FSD cars.

    I wonder what this means to current Tesla owners and FSD for them?
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    VIDEO - Tesla Cybertruck TeraFactory Site Construction Is Well Underway

    I wonder if anyone has counted the number of Geo-Piers or footings? I mean just WOW. The scale of this undertaking is fantastic. As I watched the beginning of the process months ago, I could tell it was huge, but I was not FULLY aware of the enormous size of this building. But now with the...
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    Cybertruck’s stainless steel supplier to start operations at TX plant by Fall 2021: report

    Looks about halfway between SpaceX and Tesla Austin.
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    Factory pick-up in lieu of delivery [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I think like Crissa was saying, the point is probably mute. You are only purchasing it once., not twice. You won't need to pay taxes on it twice. And I believe, like already said, you purchase it before you even pick it up. Then, pay the taxes as you register it in your home state.