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    No politics clarification

    Yes, please do not respond. Simply report any political posts and we will deal with it accordingly. Thank you.
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    Latest From Musk: Production Cybertruck almost exactly same but better. No door handles. 4 wheel steering. Self opening doors.

    Just in from Elon: In end, we kept production design almost exactly same as show car. Just some small tweaks here & there to make it slightly better. No door handles. Car recognizes you & opens door. Having all four wheels steer is amazing for nimble handling & tight turns!
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    Tesla Consider Russian Production, Says Musk

    Tesla eyeing Russian production, Musk says CEO says automaker could be 'close to establishing' a presence in the country Bloomberg May 21, 2021 Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the electric-car maker is close to establishing a presence in Russia and is looking at whether it could open factories...
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    Tesla Cybertruck beats F-150 Lightning and Hummer EV in US electric truck survey

    Via Teslarati The Ford F-150 Lightning might be an extension of America’s best-selling workhorse and the GMC Hummer EV might be the electric iteration of a gas-guzzling monster, but it appears that the US electric pickup market is already looking towards its upcoming favorite. As per the...
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    Cybertruck spotted inside Tesla Gigafactory Texas

    Closeup video of the Cybertruck driving at Giga Texas.
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    Cybertruck Spotted in NYC! [Street Video Added]

    Roaming the streets of NYC!