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  1. What's this? Are they fly window locks? Cameras for the Leno show? Rear window locks to fold it down?

    I think Elon was a nervous passenger !!! .............. until they got into the tunnel that is :D
  2. Cybertruck will make public debut at Petersen Auto Museum in LA beginning From June 20-27!

    Water bottles disguised as tape measures, or bottles that were measured prior. Don't let them get wind of your cunning plan. Good luck.
  3. Cybertruck ready for serious off-roading!

    Nothing to get hooked or tangled up under there, nice.
  4. Predictions for the top 3 Cybertruck exterior modifications

    Hi, any link to the website with those rims? Thanks.
  5. Predictions for the top 3 Cybertruck exterior modifications

    They need to target the larger rear glass roof section from heat and add along the two inside edges two sets of small plastic rails (like the sliding vault cover but inside UNDER the glass roof). The can be drawn from the top (internal) point apex of the glass roof & be able to recede back...
  6. Steering wheel related

    Looks like Bentley is going to try to shark some of Tesla's "Steering wheel" lunch 😄 Steering wheel looks similar but is apparently going to also be packed away. Time for Tesla to step up yet again. The link below shows the Bentley Patent...
  7. Update: Cybertruck Will Keep Concept's Size, But Separate Smaller Cybertruck Likely!

    I would be interested in a smaller size truck for garaging purposes. Wonder if the current reservation can be left to stand and be placed early in the lineup for any smaller versions that come out in the future. Shouldn't have to lose place in the line, just put at the front of the next...
  8. Elon Confirmed: Cybertruck Colors Options Will Require Wrap

    That scares me too. Most here as early adopters will be "Test cases" for wrap shops everywhere. Panels being taken off, potential stuff ups with wrapping an entirely new vehicle may sour it for some. Am not going to be confident taking the vehicle to someone who will be using a Cybertruck...
  9. Cybertruck Interior Colors and Materials

    Any thoughts on what colour options may be available for the final Cybertruck product? -Will they give a range of material options for seating / upholstery? -Luxurious VS Hard core seating covers/protection ? -Different seating (Seat type/quality) options ? I guess more options to add...
  10. Tesla quietly disabled the autopilot feature on a Model S

    It would certainly make sense to allow the feature to be "on sold" as it has already been paid for. Wouldn't be good it you paid extra for a feature and were not able to partly get that back on resale, UNLESS of course Tesla were to repay that cost back to you when you decide to sell it and...
  11. Width and Minimum Ride Height? Comparable vehicle?

    Width -"80 (203.20cm) wide vs 84 (213.36cm) at unveil, will be closer to 82 (208.28cm)" QUESTION: The 82 inches width that Elon hinted at for the vehicle. Will this be vehicle side to vehicle side OR will it be including the width of the side wheel arches, any idea's/info? Thanks.
  12. luxury car tax (LCT) PETITION australia

    -Just signed the petition, now about 126 signatures.
  13. Cybertruck shell...what will you choose?

    Wouldn't mind matt black. Anyone know about wrap options? Am assuming companies doing wraps for model X's etc may wish to get into the Cybertruck wrapping business.