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    Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    I've said it several times in these forums. Tesla has yet to meet a target release date. Everyone was like "oh the Ct will be different" nope.
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    Joe sicked his dogs on Tesla [Deleted due to POLITICS]

    Apparently not, that does not fit the anti joe narrative of some in the cult.
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    Updating delivery estimates?

    TBH I have little faith in the current timelines for CT deliveries. Elon promised updated CT specs and pics in Q2, its now almost Q4 and crickets. From what i have seen of leaked giga texas interior pics the model y lines are being built but nothing for CT yet, which tells me they are not ready...
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    Rumor: Cybertruck (Not Model Y) Will Kick Off Production at Gigafactory Texas & Use Structural Battery Pack w/ 4680 Battery Cells

    Not to burst bubbles, but despite all the rumors Model Y will be first at Austin. They cant keep up with demand for it at Freemont now. They already have the lines perfected and would be easy to replicate to another location. CT is going to be a all new process to build and lines to develop...
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    4680Cell Cybertruck coming soon

    not sure whos house this was taken at but whomever needs to hire a decorator.....the 80s called and wants their kitchen cabinets back.
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    Brand New Model S Plaid burst into flames

    Hmm....does the plaid have the 4680 cells? Could this be a problem going forward?
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    Why General Motors Is Crushing Tesla in 2021

    Meh, i remember how GM killed it's EV1 program caving to big oil.
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    Reservation order integrity

    This weekend my hubby and I went to the local (and by that i mean 2 hours away) Tesla dealer to test drive a Model Y (considering buying) The store advisor told us when you order a vehicle it will go into a queue and it may get produced sooner or later depending on what the factory is doing that...
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    FSD Missing from my Account

    my only issue with FSD 4/5 level is if/when it comes in "10" years, will the hardware I have in my CT today (or next year) be able to handle it Knowing computer tech, I am guessing no. After all try playing Cyberpunk on 10 year old PC hardware :) Remember too they had to upgrade computers in...
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    FSD Missing from my Account

    Mine came back after about 30 min
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    FSD Missing from my Account

    This may be a bad assumption many are doing on this site. If you look at your order agreement you got when you ordered your CT it says the price is an estimate and can change.
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    FSD Missing from my Account

    Looks like they are having website issues. I clicked on edit my design and it gave me a 404 error page with starman in the roadster.
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    Battery Replacement

    But we don't know what the 4680 cells will do yet. Maybe they will last alot longer?
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    FSD Missing from my Account

    this used to say dual motor with full self driving........ now blank, im concerned. Unless they are updating the page to show all the available options can hope right?
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    NJRE pointing out the obvious, yet so many people IRL are deliberately ignorant!!!

    Here is the biggest issue with Tesla. Lack of marketing. They have gained their market share mostly from word of mouth, but if you ask most people if they heard of the cybertruck they would look at you funny. Ask people if they know what an F150 is, and they nod. Ford has come out both barrels...