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  1. Professional Appearance

    My company sends field service engineers all over the country. We fly to the airport, rent a car and drive to the hotel and to the customer plant. One of my colleagues had rented so many cars that he was able to get multiple free upgrades. Our boss got a call from the customer complaining...
  2. GM unveils new electric motors that will power its future EVs, starting with Hummer EV

    The way I read that is they get 25% more power out of the same size power module. I"m making up numbers here but if an old module that was a 1 foot cube box could put out 100A the new technology could get 125A out of the same 1ft³ size power module. Yes I'm playing fast and loose with my units...
  3. Consider placing another CT order.

    Just to be clear, if he wants one I am selling him my original and using the money to buy the newer one.
  4. Consider placing another CT order.

    Already did. First order was December 2019. 2nd order was just before FSD went from $8k to $10k. Did it specifically because of your first, second and fouth bullet points. Another reason I thought of is once I get mine dad might really like it and want one.
  5. Tesla Is Developing A Robot. If Combined With Neuralink, It May Have Revolutionary Healthcare Applications

    1. Have you ever harmed a human being, or thru inaction allowed a human being to be harmed? 2. Have you Ever harmed yourself, or thru inaction allowed yourself to be harmed except in cases where a human being would have been endangered? (I smell A robot)
  6. Cybertruck Windshield Glass spotted in new Tesla glass video?

    Or where the laser cannon mounts.
  7. Cybertruck Windshield Glass spotted in new Tesla glass video?

    Hey Yeah...maybe it's....... Nope. Never mind.
  8. A new U.S. based giga factory just for Cybertruck

    Not to disagree with you but I heard somewhere (no source) that part (probably small part) of the TP issue was that offices typically use large TP rolls and homes use the small ones. Because of COVID everyone started working (and pooping) from home. It took a while for the small roll supply to...
  9. Giant Cybertruck silhouette starting to appear on GigaTexas factory facade

    Maybe the new design has rear wheel steering because it doesn’t have front wheels?
  10. Does the cybertruck shift gears?

    The word transmission has many definitions. Just like in other threads AJ likes to pick one definition and waste all of our time as he attempts to argue he is right based on the ONE definition he's clinging too. If the u-joints failed on the driveshaft of my car the mechanic would not say he...
  11. Airless Tires not adjustable

    I know we've talked about this type of tire before... Without seeing/trying it myself I cannot say for sure but that design looks like it will have serious issues in mud, sand, snow, slush and ice conditions. Example scenario: Warm, sunny winter day. Snow melted and created a 3 inch water...
  12. JALOPNIK: Why A Tesla Using FSD Running A Stop Sign Isn't Necessarily Terrible

    I"m not saying you are right or wrong, just commenting that after reading your post, I have this picuture in my head of a Teslabot dancing and singing "Anything you can do I can do better..."
  13. Elon Musk updates Tesla Cybertruck delivery target, hints at novel features

    On a trip to Mars, wouldn’t any seat be a zero gravity seat?