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    Elon Says Final Cybertruck Design is Now Locked! Updated Production Timeline = Mid-2023

    Indeed. Which is why is why me and my 500,000+ reservation will be picking up a Ford Lightning in 2023. Looking for a gap EV truck.
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    Elon Says Final Cybertruck Design is Now Locked! Updated Production Timeline = Mid-2023

    Probably a good time to mention that production starting does not equal deliveries beginning. Deliveries will lag months behind the beginning of production. Most of us have been hoping for deliveries by the end of 2023, which should be doable if production really does start mid-2023.🤞
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    New Cybertruck interior / dash photos - June 6, 2022

    Bolt is a great car for local use. But the 50kw cap on DC fast charging would make it less than ideal for anything resembling a road trip.
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    Tesla removed from the S&P 500 ESG index

    He called them phony social justice warriors. Does that mean they aren't really fighting for social justice, but just want people to think they are? Or that they are actual social justice warriors AND phonies. I think I know which one Elon meant, but I think the other definition is probably...
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    Cybertruck reservations halted outside North America

    On the bright side, us North Americans get to be the beta testers as they work the kinks out of their production. By the time the truck gets to you it will be fully optimized.
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    Cybertruck reservations halted outside North America

    We bought ours in September 2020, but samesies otherwise. And to think, back in September 2020 I was worried that the Cybertruck could go into production within a year or so... Oh bless my heart.
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    I'm Feeling like a kid at Christmas 🎄 while waiting on the Cybertruck in 2023

    I think it's realistic to not expect production to ramp up to anything substantial until mid 2024 at the earliest. And if you're down the list like me (around 500,000) you probably need to add another year (I'm assuming many people ahead of me will not convert to an order). So yeah, probably...
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    Production Start Date?!?

    October 2023 seems so far away, but honestly at this point I think it's optimistic. The Cybertruck production area in Austin is an empty shell. If they started building the line today I would expect it to take at least 6 months before any sort of production could begin. Probably closer to a...
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    Cybertruck Makes Appearance @ Cyber Rodeo!

    I guess I had to trade the upper light bar for a midgate. It's bittersweet, but here's my money.
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    Whining about Austin celebration

    No kidding. Every time we watch drone footage showing the parking lot paving my wife asks why they aren't building a GIga-sized parking garage. Maybe that's in a future phase of construction. I think they could convert several hundred more acres into "eco-paradise" by building one big garage.
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    Gas prices

    My daughter LOVES her car. But it takes premium gas and doesn't get great mileage. She's paying $400 - $500 a month for gas. I gave her the "well, you know, I don't even go to gas stations..." dad talk and she was all over it. She ordered a Polestar 2 a few days ago. Supposed to be ready...
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    @SawyerMerrit discussed new CyberTruck model lineup: base, mid, tri, quad, plaid

    I see the logic in this and I hope you're right, but I personally think it will be more like this: Base Dual - $50k* Mid Dual - $60k* Tri-Motor - $70k Quad Motor - $90k Plaid - $110k * People with single or dual motor reservations can choose one of those options. And there will be some vague...
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    Elon Musk working on Master Plan Part 3

    Step 1: Robots Step 2: ???? Step 3: ???? Step 4: Profit
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    We have some definite challenges ahead.

    I work in the HVAC world. Just got back from a conference hosted by a major manufacturer. The shift from ICE to EV that members of this site are familiar with is being mirrored in the world of HVAC. Some municipalities are already banning fossil fuel HVAC equipment from being installed in...