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  1. Off Road Dreaming

    If I had money to burn I would totally take a CT4 on these trails! But since I don't, I will stick to modest off-road trails where the biggest risk to my precious machine is running out of power in the wilderness.
  2. Shipping early 2023? Bring It!

    CT on Jan. 1, 2023 CONFIRMED!!!!
  3. Is the Big Wiper Final?

    I will be surprised if the retractable/two piece BAW isn't "final". And yes it will most likely obstruct the driver's view a bit.
  4. Taking deliver at the Texas factory?

    Could be my imagination rewiring my memory, but I seem to recall Elon said something about this at some point. Anyway if they do offer factory pickup and factory tours, I will 100% fly down and drive my CT home! what a fun road trip!
  5. Dual Motor CT will be $75K. Change my mind.

    $75k but with slightly larger battery with range of 400 miles. 500 miles CT is cancelled due to new thinking. New policy is for medium batteries, not big ones.
  6. Cybertruck timeline schedule prediction -- Agree or Disagree?

    Good guess for everything except the November CT event. I predict radio silence until day before production starts when they finally update the website. no events.
  7. Ford has officially raised their Lightning pricing

    Exactly as any retard could have predicted... tax credit only serves to raise prices and lengthen wait times. For Canadians its a double whammy as we now pay more taxes on the more expensive vehicle. If government wanted to actually help they would facilitate resource extraction and processing.
  8. Musk: "Cybertruck pricing and specs will be different, but it will be a damn fine product."

    I need MINIMUM 400 mile (~640 km) range or CT will be useless. 500 mile (800 km) is preferred. I sincerely hope Tesla makes a long range CT2. And I need it under $75k USD. Otherwise I'm out. Tesla seems to be moving away from big batteries. Remember when the S had over 400 mile range? I...
  9. Unless a new class of buyer joins, there will not be many takers at $85k+ for a pickup

    People will stretch their budgets for a Tesla, but they can only stretch so far. $85k USD (~$125k CAD after tax) is a very tough pill to swallow. Unless production of EVs accelerates and/or demand slows, prices will remain high. If Tesla keeps prices low, scalpers will swoop in to claim the...
  10. Tesla can now price the Cybertruck (after tax credit bill deal)

    The tax credit solves nothing. Instead there should be a real effort to make production easier by facilitating resource extraction and refining. The tax credit will increase demand which will drive up wait times and prices. This will make it even harder for Canadians to get a Tesla because...
  11. Hopefully Cybertruck tow range is better than F-150 Lightning

    This is why Tesla better deliver on that "500+" mile range! I might never tow, but I need a big battery to survive Canadian winters. Imagine towing in the winter! cut range to 1/4?
  12. Number of Cybertrucks manufactured per year

    That's news to me. I thought LFP was the ONLY chemistry currently being offered in the 4680 format? Given the low range of the current 4680 equipped Model Ys... I swear I heard it somewhere, don't recall where.
  13. Number of Cybertrucks manufactured per year

    I predict 70k units produced in 2023, increasing to 350k units in 2024 and 500k units in 2025. Tesla will open a second CT factory in Q3 2025. Production will top 1M units in 2026 and the CT will be declared the best truck of all time. The resounding success will spawn a host of copycats, and...
  14. Price Increases?

    Prices are going way up. I'll be happy if I can get a long range dual motor for under $100k CAD.
  15. Elon Says Final Cybertruck Design is Now Locked! Updated Production Timeline = Mid-2023

    Model Y production is ramping as we speak. not sure how that counts as being delayed? And no, CT delays are not due to design changes. That would imply the factory is ready to go just waiting on the design team. Journalism these days...