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    Anyone else concerned with people doing stupid things to test the Cybertruck?

    I have been pretty concerned about this too... might have to just accept it as cyberart
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    EVgo acquires company behind popular PlugShare EV charging app, we ask some questions

    Very interesting. These are literally the only two charging related apps I have on my phone. Hope PlugShare stays as good as it's been.
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    Rear Wheel Steering

    Elon just confirmed the Cybertruck will be almost exactly what was shown. They are adding rear wheel steering, so it can do tight turns and maneuver with high agility. He added; "lots of other great things coming".
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    Tesla details its self-driving Supercomputer that will bring in the Dojo era

    So... DOJO is not a consumer product correct? It consists of software and a centralized 'training' computer to process vast amounts of data fed to it by the Tesla fleet? It will become the backbone of FSD, but won't be offered as an option on the vehicles? What is the fancy computer that Elon...
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    The Exoskeleton

    We must remember, the CT will be able to absorb MASSIVE amounts of energy. It will be the exact opposite of current Tesla norm. Whereas now, Elon tweets photos of mangled Teslas where no one was hurt, with the CT it will be like -they all died? truck looks fine! PS: I do worry about shear...
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    Tire size?

    I searched a while back... This is the only road biased tire available in a 35X12.5R20 $380 a pop Michelin Defender LTX M/S Tires | Michelin (
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    CRAZY resale value of the Cybertruck

    I was on the FSD fence until I watched Sandy Munroe's interview with Elon. Sandy was flipping out over FSD, and saying how incredible the system was. Gotta have it.
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    Cybertruck Production Earlier Than Expected? Pilot line being built @ Fremont

    Is there any reason why Fremont can't have an 8-ton press? Maybe the first one will go there.
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    Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    I'd like to see a dope ADA solution
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    Carjacking and the Cybertruck [LOCKED: NO POLITICS!]

    Flip the script...Give 'em the truck. It's theirs for exactly as long as it takes you to reach a terminal. Remote shutdown... or better yet FSD to JPD
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    First principles pondering

    Number 2. Reason is scarcity. Electricity is common. Plus, a supercharger next door has surprisingly little utility. Unless you live in a commercial space. And then, the value lays only with the captive audience, not the joules.
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    First principles pondering

    Great conversation! I'm a hydrogen freak, with a hydrogen fetish. It's 100% part of our sustainable energy future, no question. The new 'metallic sponge' storage technologies are absolute game changers, which the gen pop has yet to wrap their heads around. The wonderful thing about H is it...
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    How many powerwalls will fit in vault?

    Zero Powerwalls One Powerpack