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  1. Another new detail: Cybertruck has a camera below its front bumper

    Still hoping for digital side mirrors. Mirrors and off roading don't mix well.
  2. How can the Tri-Motor Cybertruck at $70k possibly be real?

    Might want to order 2 at that price, in case they change their mind 💸💸💸
  3. Cybertruck Vs. F-150 Hybrid (Video)

    Still now comparison. SS body and tough glass along with a battery and motor that will last at least 5 times longer than a Ford is a non starter. Cybertruck wins hands down.
  4. Engineering Explained: If Gas cars are banned, Can The Grid Handle Electric Cars?

    If autonomous vehicles break out in numbers that ARK Invest and Tesla are predicting, there will be far fewer vehicles on the road, but being used for far longer periods. There is a huge amount of energy needed to produce gas, diesel and the making of ICE vehicles. Solar will be far more used...
  5. Cybertruck design & engineering complete. First deliveries still this year.

    I think he is talking about a press for forming the exoskeleton parts. They would certainly need it for forming 3mm SS. He referred to it in stamping the Cybertruck bed.
  6. Video: Top 5 Features Needed on the Cybertruck

    Would there be room in the frunk for even a donut? If they are required to do side mirrors, I wonder if they could do a combo mirror/camera that slides out and retracts similar to the door handles on the Model S. Just something small enough to get by the mirror requirement, but main...
  7. Funeral Mode - no, I’m not joking.

    Perhaps Tesla will consider using multi color lights in the upper light bar above the windshield in the CT? A solid purple, flashing or steady light would be appropriate for a lead car/hearse. A Cybertruck would be a great send off. They could easily wrap it in black if they wished.
  8. First Cybertruck specific supercharger spots have been approved

    They have to make pull thru sites. Having to disconnect the trailer to use Supercharging is an absolute NO GO. Might have to use Tesla Semi chargers when they become operational.
  9. Can we expect the Cybertruck in 2021 -- What's your opinion?

    This is somewhat off point, but I really hope they do something with that dash. If not, it will be infinitely customizable, as almost everyone will want to cover it.
  10. Cybertruck’s real-time adaptive suspension features get closer with new air suspension settings update

    CT failure is no longer even a thought at this point. There were people that drove across the country to see it in Peterson Museum in LA. How many people would have done that for an F150? I seriously hope they release some off road footage of CT being put through some challenging tests. That...
  11. Musk: "several hundred thousand" orders received for the Cybertruck

    I find it hard to believe anyone would cancel their order if they are even slightly serious about getting one. Losing your place in line for a refundable 100 bucks would be really dumb. If anything, reserving 2 or 3 and reselling for a profit to those not wanting to wait would be very profitable.
  12. Cybertruck Interior Compared to Competitors (Sandy Munro Series)

    I have to believe that the CT dash will look vastly different than the paper dash it now sports. It's pretty much useless the way it is right now. Kids might enjoy coloring on it, but that's about it.,
  13. New Cybertruck vs Pickup Competitors Comparison Series (by Sandy Munro)

    Sorry I destroyed your shopping cart when it ran into my Cybertruck.
  14. Win a Free Tesla Trucker Hat Giveaway! [Contest Inside]

    Does it have a neural net interface so I can mind meld with my Cyber truck? 🧠
  15. Wichita Kansas vies for Cybertruck Gigafactory with Dream Site video and website

    Not sure 800 acres is enough. I am glad that so many states and cities are vying for Cybertruck. Nothing like getting the pick of the litter.