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    How many CTs will be purchased and delivered to the public in 2023?

    Thanks for correcting me. I'm getting old and the first thing to go is your memory. I can't remember the second.
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    How many CTs will be purchased and delivered to the public in 2023?

    Must said he'd give an update on the Cybertruck "in a couple weeks" a LONG time ago, and it never happened... hence my estimate.
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    Unplugged Performance Aftermarket Wheels announcement reveals production Cybertruck design?! [UP CYBRHEX Forged Wheels]

    Before I start to consider "add-ons" I need to find out the final price. I'd hate to get new wheels for a vehicle I can't afford.
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    Does Stainless Steel shield EMP?

    No need for an airplane or any flying certifications. Most, if not all, small airports will rent a hanger to anyone that pays; I've seen them used as storage or "man caves".
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    Tesla wall charger tax break

    Okay, so if I have solar, but no batteries, I can get a 30% tax break if I get some power walls?
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    Musk: "Cybertruck pricing and specs will be different, but it will be a damn fine product."

    I just wasted thirty minutes of my life that I'll never get back. Most of this has been mentioned previously in other posts. If I said it once, then I'll say it again... If the specifications are the same or better than when it was revealed, and the price is the same or lower than when it was...
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    Tesla can now price the Cybertruck (after tax credit bill deal)

    Employees in the us are like a tree full of monkeys. The employees on top look down and see a bunch of smiling faces. The employees at the bottom look up and see a bunch of ass holes.
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    Is it Tezla or Tesla?

    Slytherin for the win.
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    Elon Says Final Cybertruck Design is Now Locked! Updated Production Timeline = Mid-2023

    Small airplanes, like Cessna 172, doesn't even have a windshield wiper. That big fan in the front pushes the water off pretty quickly.
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    Predicted Cybertruck Pricing

    Since we're rehashing what was already said, I'll say it again... If the specifications are equal to or greater and the price is equal to or less than announced at the reveal, then I'm in; Otherwise, I need to reevaluate.
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    Is there any hope for the 40k Cybertruck?

    Reading between the line, I concluded that he said "Only people that can be identified as 'on the fence' to secure those sales". Like someone with MAYBE in their Forum handle. :p
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    Looking to purchase reservations!

    Tesla auditor: Mr. Musk, we found an anomaly in our address database. Elon: What is the anomaly? Tesla auditor: We have the same address for 1,000,000 of our Cybertruck reservation holders. Elon: Maybe they built a gigabedroom with 1,000,000 beds. :cool:
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    To believe or not believe...

    you forgot the category of performers who have narcissists take credit for your work and therefor makes you look like an non-performer, when you're a performer. (EDIT: I just reread your post and maybe this isn't a category, but a sub-category.)