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    Building contractor & Ford Pickup owner says Cybertruck should be better work truck than Lightning

    It doesn't take a genius to figure out the CT is not just better than the other electrics, it's better than any other pickup as a work truck. The tow rating might not reach the top tier weight of the big three but enough to pull a small excavator and tools to and from a job for less than the...
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    What would prevent your purchase?

    Alien invasion that sucks all electricity from the planet and replaces it with crude oil. If I do die before production, I want to be buried in it.
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    Anxiously waiting like a kid at the mailbox.

    I just celebrated my 60th birthday. As a kid I used to read comic books and gaze at the amazing ads that showed x-ray glasses, jet powered cars, your own private submarine and army men. I would fill out the card, insert my hard earned berry picking money in the envelope and mail it and wait...
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    The best thing about driving an electric car — it’s not what you think

    A "Jake" or compression brake reduces exhaust valve travel to create drag and reduce speed. Direct drive or manual transmission driven by motor or engine will turn in correlation with vehicle speed. If traveling down hill, gravity forces forward momentum. Instead of wasting the energy through...
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    Trailer brake assist

    Regenerative braking in a CT will be similar to compression braking in a semi. The drive axle will absorb most inertia until supplemental braking is required. The advantages are reduced potential brake fade and pad wear, battery life extended.
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    Fisker Motors CEO Teases Aggressive EV Pickup In Concept Render

    Beautiful, but more like a cross over than a pickup. Not the same market. The new Jeep Wrangler pickup is doing very well now though. I think that will be the market for this vehicle. With the home run that Tesla has scored, it is obvious that every auto manufacturer will be racing to build one...
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    Canoo looks doomed: CEO and other founders leave company

    And your reference to Apple is spot on. At Jobs return the company was a breath away from the end.
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    AC outlets are already planned. Way more powerful and efficient as Mr.Tesla argued with Edison over a little while back. A Warn Cyberwinch should be a given albeit not cheap. I'm sure this is one of the engineers fun projects at Tesla and/or Warn. I previously said DC outlets on this post. I'm...
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    Does anyone else hope the funky hubcaps / wheel covers aren't in the final design?

    As handsome and rugged as the CT wheel covers look they do hang out there a bit and it's a sure bet that these will be the first things to get ripped off. For off roading and narrow bridge crossing these will end up as litter each time a rock or guard rail comes into contact. As wide as it is...
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    Good roll up vid of changes / tweaks since launch...

    Agreed, the CT is a hot topic. I am suckered in often with rehashing of old news reported to be updates for anxious future owners. Thanks for saying what many feel.
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    Tailosive EV: "Why I'm Worried About the Cybertruck"

    While I don't like armchair hazard analysis, I will respond. Higher insurance costs are a given. Exoskeliton (unibody) construction has been around for a very, very long time. Most vehicles that experience severe collisions are considered totaled, unibody or body on frame. The strength of the...
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    Tesla Cybertruck’s Structure Will Be Unique, According to Sandy Munro

    Why would the Rivian be a better choice for the construction industry. The advantages of a dent and scratch resistant exterior and 14k tow rating are why I ordered a CT. 120/240v outlets were icing on the cake. Is there something I am missing?
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    Clickbait or valid prediction? "Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Ford's Demise Towards Bankruptcy"

    The 14,000 tow rating is the reason I am purchasing a CT over a diesel rig. I most definitely think that it will affect the truck sales shares of Ford, GM, Dodge and Toyota. With pre-orders nearing half a million a huge bite out of the truck market is taken. One thing that I am concerned with is...