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    Help me solve this Cybertruck Riddle...!

    It's all about lighting. Agreed. Just to add something about one of a videographers' prime constraints: lighting. You want the sun at a right angle or better yet, behind you. Not in front of the camera. In the first scene (the start of the race) the sun was low and at a right angle to the...
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    Does the cybertruck shift gears?

    Maybe the driver pressed Ludicrous mode on the fly? :unsure: j/k
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    Rivian Starts shipping to Customer

    As other have stated, good for Rivian and us all.
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    Rivian’s “Tank Turn” feature for R1T and R1S officially delayed

    This doesn't surprise me. While performing the maneuver on a slippery muddy patch is relatively easy, they have to program the feature for all conditions before releasing it to production. Despite writing instructions in the owners manual that warns that it is to be used in low traction areas...
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    Consumer Reports reviews the Cybertruck

    Cool. This vehicle was at Mecum Car Auction Orlando last month. I drive for them and I think they said that it was a 5 ton chassis.
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    Tesla's AI Day Event Did A Great Job Convincing Me They're Wasting Everybody's Time

    I started reading and asked myself what is with this guy, and then scrolled to the bottom and sure enough it was written by Jalopnik. Figures. Here's the thing: Every time I drive, I'm already surrounded by people who are driving, but not driving, and they are not driving Teslas. They are...
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    Consumer Reports reviews the Cybertruck

    I agree, and I submit a more extreme example... the Chevrolet Yeti: I'm not sure if it's made by Chevy in this configuration or if someone built it on a Yeti truck, but it has to be licensed.
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    Consumer Reports reviews the Cybertruck

    "The shape and structure raise all kinds of questions that will eventually be answered, including outward visibility, pedestrian compatibility, and most important, whether it is just a prank." .... So, are trucks like this more outward visible and or pedestrian compatible?
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    Rumor: Cybertruck (Not Model Y) Will Kick Off Production at Gigafactory Texas & Use Structural Battery Pack w/ 4680 Battery Cells

    Reading the original article in post 1, it's cool that they are already referring to the Cybertruck as "iconic". That bodes well for future owners IMO, assuming that Tesla can (and will) deliver a quality product. It's also good that we're are finally nearing the quarter where first deliveries...
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    SS Body SS Painting SS electrical

    I'm not a ChemE either, but you need more than simple water molecules to break NACL (i.e. salt) apart, otherwise the ocean wouldn't just sting your eyes. :) I have a salt pool which uses a salt chlorinator. The NACL is broken apart by electrolysis. It is a wonderful unit that temporarily uses...
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    SS Body SS Painting SS electrical

    It is 2021. As far as DeLorean are concerned, there are DMC certified shops around the US that repair both electrical issues and body repair. No painting required to cover up damage. I'm sure that Tesla will develop repair and maintenance processes for Cybertruck at their service centers. Not...
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    SS Body SS Painting SS electrical

    In the time I've owned my DeLorean, I've heard my share of false statements, and this is one of them. On "every electrical ground went bad" : The truth is that electrical grounds go bad in the same way on a DeLorean as any other car: poor storage, wear, long term exposure to the elements, etc...
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    Ever wonder how Cyber truck owners will be bullied on the road? [Locked due to politics]

    Wow. Luckily, I have never encountered such a person, although I'd say that generally there are unhinged people on all sides of the (insert issue) spectrum.
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    Toyota Prius Driver Pulled Over for Starlink Dish on the Hood, Surprised

    Apparently the Prius driver already tried turning right against an obstructed view judging by the damage to the passenger side of the car. Lol.
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    Ever wonder how Cyber truck owners will be bullied on the road? [Locked due to politics]

    Apparently we have another 8m to go to exceed the levels of 125,000 years ago, then sea levels swung the other way down to 130m below what they are today. To me, this makes sense as divers are finding ancient ruins (perhaps beachfront at the time I suppose) submerged near the shores...