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  1. Cybertruck Savings Progress

    that method worked for me.
  2. Ventilated seats.

    If one cybertruck has it, all will. Elon prefers to keep things simple. Now they may have it, and be disabled, but generally they will let you pay to have it enable.
  3. I Cancelled my Cybertruck for the F150 Lightning

    I believe the battery plants in Texas and Germany will be Tesla, however I understand your confusion since Panasonic, CATL, and another battery company are also going to make 4680’s however I dont believe they will be using all of Tesla’s secrets. BTW, thanks For the information about the 250K...
  4. Vault door

    Seems like it would add a lot of complexity and cost with an increase chance of water leakage, and in the end You would probably find that having two hands free using the auto open function would be more convenient.
  5. Cybertruck deliveries based on progress of Giga Texas

    LOL, good try Jeff, but after doing the reservation math, I’m at 400,000, I ordered a second cybertruck, reservation around 1 million, so in 4 years I can get my first, and get my. Second one in 8. Since I already need a truck, I preordered a lightning and a rivian, to hold me over till the...
  6. I Cancelled my Cybertruck for the F150 Lightning

    I’m in line around 400,000th for the cybertruck, so I’ve preordered a lightning. SorryJeff I’m keeping my cybertruck order, and expect to be able to drive the lightning for 3 years before getting the cyber truck, perhaps longer, there is really no way of knowing. Oh, I also have a reservation...
  7. Cybertruck vs F-150 Lightning vs Rivian R1T - Timing, Pricing, Range, Performance Comparison

    I definitely will be getting the Cybertruck... but I'm 400,000 in line for a tri-motor, so I pre-ordered an electric F150, to use while a wait 3 to 5 years for my cybertruck... hope it has vehicle to grid by then.
  8. Vehicle to Home (Ford Figured it Out)

    I don't think that Ford is planning to give us this option, I feel there is a reason that they haven't mention the cost and installation cost of the charger that allows for vehicle to house. Having said that, I would probably pay it. It seems that this would open up Tesla to offer a power...
  9. Center console/seat: who got it right?

    Excuse me if I don't offer you a ride.
  10. Depreciation

    Is it official that they will be making 250,000/year ?
  11. When and how will be able to configure our own tesla Cybertruck?

    Having 400,000 reservations ahead of me, I'm guessing 3 years after the first person gets to configure theirs... sigh.
  12. Cybertruck Event [SPECULATION]

    I love competition, and that Ford added vehicle to house (grid). I hope tesla takes notice, seems like it could easily be integrated with a power wall.
  13. Side cameras / mirrors - any NHTSA updates?

    It would be interesting if the 500mi range is based on the CT not having side mirrors? Perhaps that's where the 500+ comes in.
  14. Tesla Cybertruck beats F-150 Lightning and Hummer EV in US electric truck survey

    I must admit to reserving a Lighting, since 400,000 cybertruck reservations are ahead of me. The downside of the lightning for me. 1> range (300 miles is really too low for Oklahoma) 2> No air shocks. 3> Charging speed. 4> Charging network. Good side for me: 1> There are only 20,000...
  15. Oklahoma

    Another Okie here, and in several years or so, the 400,000 reservation get or cancel their orders, I will have a tri motor. To help in my waiting, I have reserved a Ford Lightning, there are only 20,000 reservation ahead of me, so hopefully I will get mine by the summer of 22, that is if they...