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  1. NO SIDE MIRRORS (Side View Cameras Instead)

    Maybe they will have heaters in the camera cavities to defrost the glass if they fog up?
  2. Cameras on fender flares may confirm digital side mirrors

    I saw it mentioned that there are cameras visible on the front fender flares. They most likely provide the view for digital side mirror screens displayed in the interior. Along with other evidence people have gathered so far, it seems like this all but confirms that no outboard mirrors will be...
  3. Predictions for the top 3 Cybertruck exterior modifications

    My personal choices would be 1. Partial wrap, a red stripe on the driver's side, or completely red main body with a black frunk 2. Floor mats 3. Window tint I would normally go more in-depth than that but there's already so much functionality here and not much that can be improved until we...
  4. Update: Cybertruck Will Keep Concept's Size, But Separate Smaller Cybertruck Likely!

    I was really happy to hear this. I drive a pretty small car right now and I'm ready for something with more space for the homies.
  5. If you could request three factory add-ons, what would they be?

    A winch up front, the rear window and wall to retract, and the rear seats to fold into the floor. I would have mentioned the solarrwings but those are already pretty much confirmed.