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  1. Cybertruck UI patent hints at 610 mile range, eye tracking mirror adjustments, 20" suspension travel

    One of the really old videos (I think it was a video) of Elon driving the truck to some CA restaurant had pics of him leaving at night and i am pretty sure the range said 612. I never gave it much importance because it was just a prototype vehicle but showed more of what they could do if they...
  2. Cybertruck Event [SPECULATION]

    I love the rumor. Let's hope they add the ability to power your house and show off the solar panel cover. :)
  3. A More Useful Frunk

    I just keep wondering how many people are going to turn a Lightning into their own urban camper and forgo homes. Maybe that's a west coast homeless thing but it seems like it would be cheap living.
  4. Elon Musk Dines with SNL Team and Pays Particular Attention to Scale Cybertruck

    I hope everyone can chill out and have a good laugh at things they'd normally cringe at.
  5. CyberTruck production start date = April 2022

    Thanks for sharing! It's always nice to get actual information.
  6. Cybertruck delayed; writing is on the wall.

    I expect production to begin in the 4th quarter. Slow, probably painful production is to be expected and Wall Street doesn't seem to expect any high volume production for years. I hope the delay of new model s,x is because of the ct pilot line in Fremont. If so, that news is actually good...
  7. Cybertruck delayed; writing is on the wall.

    I own some Tesla stock so i follow it almost daily for over a year, not just ct. The beauty of this website is that while we follow the ct news and dream about features, it's not been inundated with Tesla shorts taking small things and blowing them up in huge deals trying to change the stock...
  8. CyberLandr Camper / Overlander Concept for Cybertruck

    All i could think about watching this is Zoolander
  9. Cybertruck insurance with a bullet resistant body?

    It's an awesome car but has one issue, range. Mine is a 2015, had 95 miles range when i got it. I didn't know how to treat a battery, charged it 100%, traveled at 75 mph and fast charged it on really hot days. The battery warranty is better than Tesla, full replacement free of charge for...
  10. Cybertruck insurance with a bullet resistant body?

    Sure why no give you a credit. Oh, and then they will say it cost more to repair. Bottom line, you hand over more money every time.
  11. Anyone considering getting Solar with the new Green Act

    I will once i'm in a house i plan on staying in long term. It doesn't seem like adding solar to my house and then moving 2 years later is a wise investment but i'd love to hear otherwise.
  12. First look at the Cybertruck’s 8,000-ton Giga Press!

    I have to wonder how long this machine will take to be made, trucked to a port, put on a ship to Texas, unloaded, shipped to tesla, installed, kinks works out and producing parts. I have no real idea but i'm guessing the last two numbers of the date are both 2's. I hope i'm wrong
  13. Tesla’s $25K car could herald more affordable EVs as Morgan Stanley analyst predicts $5K unit

    Yep, doesn't seem like financial analyst to me, it seems closer to fantasy unless they replace the word "car" with "golf cart"
  14. Tesla’s $25K car could herald more affordable EVs as Morgan Stanley analyst predicts $5K unit

    sounds like wallstreet pump and dump bs to me. total Reminds me of the wallstreet pump and dump traders.