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  1. Tesla Model S at Nurbergring in car video w/ yoke

    Agree with you there and that certainly squashed Edmond’s so-called reviews of the yoke.
  2. Amazon goes for jugular in FCC spat with Elon Musk over SpaceX internet plans

    The term to describe Elon’s companies that comes up quite often is “disruptive technology“ and all I see coming from them is things that no one else has been able to accomplish. Yes, I’m long TSLA.
  3. The Cyber Truck may pay for itself.

    And I would definitely be interested in getting it installed right next to the charger. Brilliant!
  4. Elon Musk says Tesla (TSLA) is worth $3,000 a share ‘if they execute really well’

    I had just read the story. Wouldn’t that be pretty sweet. The year 2025 will be here before we know it.
  5. Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    When thinking about other choices other than the CT we should keep in mind what was said at the reveal regarding other trucks being “fake tough.” Of course I would rather have the CT sooner but I will gladly wait for it.
  6. GM to halt production at nearly all North America assembly plants due to new chip problem

    130k is now reported as a “surge.”
  7. A Unionized Tesla Workforce Could Benefit All Parties

    It’s also very easy to recall multiple times in past years where UAW and corruption went hand in hand. Twice in my life I belonged to a union and the last time it was a running joke that your dues only bought you a yearly hot dog and chips that were actually purchased at Costco and we all know...
  8. Somehow I missed this video from the launch

    You’re preaching to the choir!
  9. Somehow I missed this video from the launch

    Thanks, I hadn’t seen it either but nothing really new except seeing and hearing different people who were quite excited about it. I would venture to say that almost 2 years later and ”we” are still excited about it. Reading people’s comments and there sure are some misinformed people as well...

    The oil in my Tacoma has never been changed by anyone except me but thankfully I don’t need to jack it up and the oil filter is on the top of the engine and at a angle. While it’s no big deal to change it, I’m still looking forward to no oil changes or gas stations.

    I feel your pain and the days of wanting to “wrench“ are numbered. Recently had a issue with a Honda lawnmower that had the rear wheeL’s locking up in reverse. Three snap rings on each side and getting them off with the snap ring pliers that I had on hand was still a pain in the a**!
  12. F-150 Lightning Powering Houses for Days

    Thanks for the info and I am patiently waiting on the CT before I do anything. I’m not needing to build anything at all thankfully and the CT will fit in my garage. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be confusing regarding the transfer switch. I only added that because I keep reading of people wanting to...
  13. F-150 Lightning Powering Houses for Days

    A.J. while I’m sure that it’s been covered some place here already I’m curious if you opted for the Tesla home charging option or you had installed another option at your homes. I’m planning on waiting until I actually get the Cybertruck before having a system installed and also seeing if...
  14. I see Cramer is at it again….he’s clearly NOT a truck person.

    Something else I am curious about is let’s see just how safe they are. I did read where the Lightning headlights failed to impress and I realize that Tesla also had issues originally with one of their previous models. I just don’t see anywhere near the level of innovation that Tesla has. No...