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    Armor Glass Windshield

    Not likely on a Ford Model T, in 1904 - plate glass. Just saying. Sorry to be a [email protected]#% here, Crissa. peace
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    Who here plans on NOT babying their Cybertruck and will use it for heavy work?

    My CT will be used in wide-open overlanding and off-road excursions. Sure, it will also tow my heavy equipment when necessary, but will mostly enjoy the nice life. The stainless exo will be tested vs heavy brush and worse, so we will see. There are solid reasons for my decision to go with the...
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    Alpha Motors EV

    I don't doubt this, but I also know that Elon himself stated what I said. I will not go through all the videos to find exactly where, but Elon is known for stating and restating things and positions, and the concepts being a bit more developed each time. He is not fixed in place, he is often...
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    Alpha Motors EV

    Elon stated this himself on Third Row Tesla (pretty sure that was is, but I've watched a lot of Elon through the years). I watched him say it, and he said he did it because if not, China and others would hack them all.
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    Alpha Motors EV

    Elon did nothing to hide what he was doing. Elon has made all of his patents open-source (free to all). Elon has done all he can to level the playing field. Too bad so many people listened to the legacy auto makers and big oil - electric cars will never work. I still hear that nonsense...
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    Full Costs Everything Owning An EV? Per State?

    Crissa, that isn't with Tesla insurance, is it? This may be why Elon offers insurance, due to insurance companies "sticking it" to ya. No clue, but that is the first thing I would check. peace
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    NOT A GOOD WAY TO START THE YEAR! 7K-10k?? (with no changes)

    I'm really not worried about $3k. Buying a $70k truck, that I figure will end up being $100k; $3k might be part of the $100k figured, or it may end up closer to $110k. I'm not going to stress it or stress anyone else from now until I get it, then complain for the next 10 years of ownership...
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    Anyone Believe the Cybertruck will do well on Turo?

    I hope your plan goes as planned. I'm not a. glutton, so I'll just order the 1 CT3 and be happy. Then, keep my investing rocking, ending up in a year or two with a lot of Tesla stock, and a brand new life. peace
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    How are you planning to pay ... cash, lease, loan?

    In the back of my mind are taxes, house, CyberTruck, re-fund investment, spending cash. So, cash. peace
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    Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so says Musk!

    You think that's been difficult. Wait until they require mapping all off-road areas in the world to certify the CT off-road capable. However, I'll raise my hand in an offer to subject myself to travel these dusty and dangerous roads for Tesla, in their CyberTruck; and give Tesla usable...
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    Tesla Cybertruck is Really Efficient! [Nxt Garage Analysis]

    Tires will do many things... smaller will have to work harder, but also is more efficient. But, smaller also falls into holes, crevices, and worse. Larger, while often less efficient; with EV, less so as EV doesn't have to pic up RPM to equate to power - 100% torque begins at go, unlike ICE...
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    Cabin space or bed space? Which would you keep?

    Let Elon and his design team just do what they do. I trust them to build a worthy truck. peace
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    What will happen to Tesla when Elon Musk goes to Mars?

    Elon won't go to Mars, unless the Earth is dying in a way that cannot be resolved. I could be totally wrong, but why leave the place where you're trending, to a place where you could be dead in 5 days? Just sayin. peace
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    You get one question answered

    Interesting... Maybe after the truck, being that it's the basis for a new CyberVan and brand new CyberSUV. Hmm
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    You get one question answered

    Very easy to tweet #1... tweet #2... tweet #3. We aren't in the stone age here. If Elon wants to bring info, he can... and, he knows it. Elon... Your move, sir.