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  1. Where can I buy 30x cold rolled stainless steel for testing?

    Your right, lead will splatter where jacketed hollow points and brass will fragment. We always carried either brass or hollow point ammunition in either 45 ACP or 9mm.
  2. Where can I buy 30x cold rolled stainless steel for testing?

    Sounds like someone who has never shot steel plates. If it doesn’t go thru it comes back at you.
  3. This may be Cybertruck's 2B stainless steel. Updated Scratch and Sniff* test.

    It is reasons like this that I have quit coming to this site. I am a 70 year old Nam Vet. I’ve heard more complaining against the Cybertruck than I have heard supporting it as something different and unusual. Life is too short to complain about anything. I always look for the positive. To...
  4. Does the Delivery Situation in Texas Affect Country-wide Delivery?

    What happened to picking them up from the factory in Texas. I live in the Texas panhabdle even if they have to leave the state, they could cut thru sw Oklahoma and then go back into the panhandle without going out of the way.
  5. FORD releases F-150 LIGHTNING mini-Me “Maverick”

    My first thoughts are this. Do I want to go fast and not protect my occupants in the event of a crash, or be able to go fast for a longer period of time and still protect my occupants. I will stay with Cyber Truck. Now that I think about it. What will a beat up ole Ford be worth 5 years from...
  6. Cybertruck Size & Inconsiderate people

    In Texas you pull over to the right lane, why, because most do carry in Texas.
  7. Vehicle to Home (Ford Figured it Out)

    Who cares what everyone else is doing or how much they cost. My opinion is that I wanted something different than normalcy. No other pickup has that except for Cyber Truck. You can’t change the headlights or add additional stuff to it and claim to be as good as what Cyber Truck is. Until I...
  8. The sweet sound of an engine

    Wouldn’t this be like putting a Mattel Varoom motor on it?
  9. Poll: Which special features will Cybertruck have?

    Reason I chose airless tires over CTIS , Central Tire Inflation System, is this limits where you get your tires worked on. In some cases this is a full days job. Sometimes nice to have can be troublesome later. The reason I’d prefer airless is, I’m tired of airing my tires up after each...
  10. Monthly Cybertruck Insurance Cost? Can consumer afford $500-$1000 financing and another $400-$500 insurance cost?

    When I put my money down I had already thought of this and planned on it as my top figure. If it turns out to be less than expected, then it is still a WIN!
  11. Anyone considering getting Solar with the new Green Act

    where I live in NW Texas cost is 9.21 per kWh.
  12. Cyberwar (Cybertruck vs Model Y)

    What is wrong with 70? I’m there and am still working my full time job.
  13. Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    Wife and I will Fly or drive to pick up CT