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    Ride The Lightning podcast source says tri-motor Cybertruck will have at least 560 miles range + steering wheel has changed from prototype

    I’ll be happy with a 600 mile range in a trimotor. That’s 50% more than a diesel Sprinter. And that’s about 10 hours of driving/day on the Interstates getting you where you want to go most of the time for a Supercharger.
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    Cybertruck Insurance Cost: Factors to Consider

    In the case of USAA, if you finance the new vehicle through USAA bank, you’ll usually avoid the total loss declaration if you require a major collision repair.
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    Tesla’s subtle Supercharger ‘V4’ hints are pointing at the Cybertruck’s 350 kW charge rate

    That might be fine for business locations, but how many residential locations come with greater than 200 amp service?
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    Cybertruck depreciation concern

    New models of new cars generally sell new at list or MSRP prices from dealers or directly from Tesla. The only “ deal “ price you’ll get from Tesla is on unsold inventory. That’s the closest you’ll come to a new Tesla “ market price “.
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    Cybertruck depreciation concern

    If your new Tesla, appreciates in nominal dollars after two years of ownership, you should be worried about hyperinflation with rising interest rates as the national debt comes due and the world changes to a new trade currency. No one buys new cars as an investment.
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    Cybertruck vs Hummer EV

    Remember that GM sells through dealers. Dealers don’t pay retail. When they say $112,000, I say 0.77 X 112 is what I’m willing to pay to free up space in their third party financed floor plan. To a sales manager at a dealership a vehicle is just metal and rubber to move off the lot.
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    Cybertruck Insurance Cost: Factors to Consider

    At the Earnings Call yesterday Elon spoke about developing an insurance product for his cars. This could lead to a mutual insurance company for Tesla owners, much like USAA which pays a cash dividend which can be used to lower premiums.
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    Something to Consider for Engineers Among Us
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    Cybertruck depreciation concern

    We'll have to experience the actual sales price of a CT trimotor when it becomes available. By then you’ll have the option of buying the latest S,X or Y instead at possibly a lower price. Don’t forget the rule that new cars typically depreciate 30% as soon as you drive them off the lot...
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    Top 15 Cybertruck Features/Accessories Power Ranking (Video)

    Let’s put it another way. With a stainless steel vault and air suspension underneath you wouldn’t need a foundation for the queen mattress.
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    Top 15 Cybertruck Features/Accessories Power Ranking (Video)

    A 60” vault width really would make the CT special because it could accommodate a comfortable mattress, a major RV selling point..
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    Top 15 Cybertruck Features/Accessories Power Ranking (Video)

    A king size mattress is 76” x 78”. A queen size mattress is 60” x 78”. Neither of these will fit flat into a Sprinter because of the rear wheel wells. Which one will fit into the CT bed? A Sprinter is now the basis for most Class C RV’s.
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    Cybertruck News From Battery Day: A/C Controls in Bed Possible and 200k-300k Annual Production Estimate

    Buying 100 shares of TSLA tomorrow and holding it for 3-5 years should do it.
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    Original Tesla Truck Concept

    I’d rather see them develop a Cybervan . But you’ve gotten the height about right, something about 8 feet tall with the same wheelbase and drive train as the plaid CT at the same price as a Standard roof Daimler Sprinter van.
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    Elon Musk and Paul Elio

    How about an electric CanAM? Real motorcycles are way more maneuverable. But it’s very important to learn to drive them at low speeds, ie friction zone clutch/low and steady throttle/stabilizing rear (foot) brake/lots of practice. Check out some Motorman videos to learn the techniques. Any...