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  1. Tesla Please Do This

    Great video. i like the Rivian and would consider it but the base line price is more expensive than a mid level CT. So because Tesla is more established, the CT is bigger and cheaper, i am on the CT train. I view the R1T to be a Tacoma size truck and that is too much money for that size truck...
  2. Will the Cybertruck Provoke Violence?

    Never been to New Orleans but your initial thought i have thought the same thing. Regardless of you being in the car or not, idiots are going to try to test the limits of what the car is claiming and will try to dent it, scratch it, or shoot it. Especially when it first comes out. Even if the...
  3. Earliest Cybertrucks may get federal tax credit (400k more Teslas will qualify under GREEN Act)

    If this passes, do ya'll think it may be worth buying a Model Y. take advantage of the credit. And since the car holds value and depreciates less than a ICE vehicle, trade it in for the CT once available. Thoughts on if this makes sense in the long run to take advantage and have fun with a...
  4. Cybertruck renderings and creations

    I love this interpretation and design. just thought i would share it.
  5. Is this the motocycle to go with the Cybertruck?

    do you need a motocycle license for this thing or is it like riding a bicycle?
  6. I am not a truck guy, but i want the Cybertruck....should I get it?

    I have been watching the CT since its debut and admit I hated the look. But within 48 hours i grew to love it and put in my reservation for a dual motor. But should I actually get this? Convince me yay or nay. A little bit about me: I have always appreciated cars and love cars but i am...