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  1. Vandalism concerns

    My anti vandal plan is: Give them what they came to see - when I park my CT it will be oriented north to collect solar and likely away from other cars . Before exiting I will stand up an inflatable Roswell seat occupant (compressor if he goes limp) and turn on a plasma ball on the console or...
  2. What options or ideas would you like to see available for CT?

    Determine what deer fear, and you will have solved this million dollar damage question. They don’t fear the sound of an I.C.E. so they wont fear an E.V. Studies suggest deer whistles don’t work, manufacturers insist they do if mounted in an uninterrupted air flow - not practical on a blunt...
  3. How close will the final truck be to this?

    While I really like the front end, I believe the headlights will need to change. I’ve look at some night driving video and this truck is not first in class with ground illumination. Eye slit headlights look cool approaching but I just dont see much more than flood illumination a few feet in...
  4. Trailer options

    Previous posted video shows rear hitch clearly exposed. With the Exoskeleton design I’m glad to see it manufacturer installed rather than after market. I would like to see front hitch optional from Tesla. While I don’t know the “impact” of a snow plow, my interest would be more for winch / off...
  5. Anyone thinking of changing to a different Tesla model?

    The wait is annoying. A model S has been on my wish list for years. I’ve watched Tesla mature, invested in the company as it has done things differently, bought stock years ago. I’ve always driven a truck as a truck, so none of their cars fit my needs but the luxury level of the S is...
  6. What options or ideas would you like to see available for CT?

    Auto tinting, half tint if wipers on, no tint at night, manual mode if black out desired. Auto tint / manual mode off if blue or red lights flashing from behind - gotta be kind to law enforcement.
  7. What options or ideas would you like to see available for CT?

    Programmability of vault tail lights - scanning / running turn signals would be cool - front Off Road light, sequence or flashing patterns for utility vehicles - same feature on third brake light assembly.
  8. Full Self Driving (FSD) $7,000 option

    Very informative, TY
  9. SIGNALS, third brake light, and utility lighting

    Anyone notice the main headlight in the photos from Leno’s garage shoot? The middle section is not on, only the corners similar to a conventional vehicle - with fog lights on. Curious when the middle comes on - is the full length LED a DRL that comes on in auto mode? Middle section is off in...
  10. Versatility? This ain't a truck.

    Does the vehicle deserve to be called Cyber Truck? Does a Mustang have 1 horse power and a tail? Does a Thunderbird satisfy the Indian mythology? Can an Avalanche create one? Does the El Camino do anything to The Road? They are names, in part to appeal to the consumer for marketing purposes...
  11. Oversized parking in the city?

    F-150 with a 6 1/2 foot bed.
  12. SIGNALS, third brake light, and utility lighting

    I would like to see amber turn signals to the rear, maybe even a little tech in “scanning” turn signals that run in the direction of the turn. As of this posting I have not seen video of the vehicle with signals on. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published reports that...
  13. Musk: Cybertruck dimensions (width + length) can be reduced without losing utility or aesthetics

    I’ve driven a Super cab with an 8’ bed for 40 years - Fords, Dodges, GMs 150-2500. They average over 21’ long. While I would like a CT with an 8’ bed the reality is, its 6 1/2’. I’m ok with that because as a long bed guy, I must admit, I’m tired of getting citations for being out of the parking...
  14. Do you think battery mileage will increase?

    I’m in the blueprint stage of building next house. Would like to solar recharge the CT. Any resources suggestions for collectors, data for direct DC to DC charge (maybe without batteries)