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  1. Latest From Musk: Production Cybertruck almost exactly same but better. No door handles. 4 wheel steering. Self opening doors.

    I'm not holding out hope for anything, just noting that "almost exactly the same" suggests no big visual changes like traditional wipers or mirrors. You could be right about the update, which is disappointing.
  2. Latest From Musk: Production Cybertruck almost exactly same but better. No door handles. 4 wheel steering. Self opening doors.

    Changing topic from the handles (which will be fine...) - bigger news is what he's not saying about side mirrors and windshield wipers. Have camera side mirrors been approved for the US? Are the patented "laser wipers" real? He's pushed back the CT update so many times (Dec... Q2...) I don't...
  3. Glass Topper is a SHOW STOPPER !

    On my 2018 TM3, I never notice light flickering through because of the heavy tint. But, I definitely notice it lets in more heat than a steel roof w/insulation in direct sun. Combined with the unventilated black seats, its definitely a problem in the summer when parked outside. If you don't...
  4. Ventilated seats.

    My Model 3's black seats turn into lava when parked in the Colorado summer sun. And the vinyl doesn't breath at all, leading to serious "swass". It's my biggest complaint with the car. Reeeeeeeally hoping for ventilated seats in the CT.
  5. Cypertruck backs RV

    I love the idea of a hard-sided pop up with similar size/shape to the tent concept. We camped in an old Model S P85 in 1F/-17C overnight a few years ago. Had the heater at 64F all night, slept super comfortably and drove home without even charging (almost 200 miles driving). The electric HVAC in...
  6. Model S Plaid Delivery Event

    That was an annoying tease. I was expecting a "One more thing" at the end!
  7. Tesla Canceling Model S Plaid +

    Combined with Elon's comment to Joe Rogan that they're targeting 300 miles for the CT and that there is a weight-range sweet spot there, this is the first time I'm really skeptical we'll see the 500 mile CT. Hopefully we find out this month.
  8. 610 miles of range for Cybertruck - is it for real?

    Exactly... "Displayed range in your Tesla is adapted based on fixed EPA test data, not your personal driving patterns." To what are you referring?
  9. Who is eating crow? Final predictions.

    Since predictions will almost certainly be wrong, I'll just say what I hope/dream for on my tri-motor. Some of these are motivated by my experience as a Model 3 owner for three years. -The on-again, off-again 3% size reduction so it fits in my standard garage -Electrochromatic dimming on the...
  10. 610 miles of range for Cybertruck - is it for real?

    Don't think this is true for any Tesla vehicle. My Model 3's range is a direct relationship to the battery SOC. Driving fast, slow, in wind, without wind, etc has no effect on the estimated range, just on how accurate that range turns out to be.
  11. Vehicle to Home (Ford Figured it Out)

    FWIW, you should already be able to do that easily by plugging another vehicle into the 240V plug in the CT bed.
  12. Vehicle to Home (Ford Figured it Out)

    Trying to run extension cords all over the house is quite different then automatic, software-controlled whole-home power backup, but great point that they already have the HW pieces from Tesla energy. Would still need to develop the mobile app and in-vehicle software functionality. Fingers crossed.
  13. Vehicle to Home (Ford Figured it Out)

    People have no conception of just how enormous long range EV batteries are. My house is net-zero annual energy use thanks to solar. It makes zero sense for me to install a comparatively small home battery backup when (1) there's a 75kWh battery pack sitting doing nothing; (2) I only have power...
  14. MATTEL 1:10 RC Cybertruck Coming Back + New Cyberquad on May 21!

    Snagged two right at order go-live. This will be my first time seeing a 3D CT. Woohoo!
  15. Rumor: There will be no single motor Cybertruck! RWD model will be dual motor.

    That was basically what MotorTrend reported at the launch for the motors. Given Tesla's tendency toward simplicity/software limiting and reducing build variation, I wouldn't be surprised if they've settled on: CT3: Plaid powertrain with double stacked battery (and maybe tuned for performance -...