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    Musk says Twitter board will be paid nothing if he acquires the company

    Seems reasonable to me. While most outside directors of fortune 100 companies are compensated $150k or more, they are typically successful executives in the public and private space worth $millions already. Thats not bad for a part-time job where you have a meeting once a quarter, plus maybe a...
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    NEW | Nice Clean Non-Potato Shot of The Cybertruck in Giga Texas

    Is that the Tesla Semi in front of it, or just a regular semi?
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    Dealership model vs. direct sales?

    I really like my F150, but the weak points are the dealer model (which is not a value add to the consumer, only their pocketbooks IMO) and Ford's ability to push software OTA. I think it is also interesting that Ford is separating their EV business from the traditional dealer model, so...
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    Whining about Austin celebration

    Agreed. Considering this event is going to be much smaller than SXSW which just wrapped up or the Formula 1 race next month, 100k visitors for college football games, etc. I'm sure Austin can handle Elon's party even if it expands.
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    Whining about Austin celebration

    What an odd group to be against Tesla. Plus their name sounds totally made up: PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources).
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    TSLA investing strategy with Elon’s tweets

    Ha, I guess the latter. While I think they do have some good long-term growth potential, I think they are currently undervalued due to mismanagement and lower 2021/2022 growth numbers coming off a the start of the pandemic in 2020 early 2021. It certainly feels like there is a smear campaign...
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    TSLA investing strategy with Elon’s tweets

    It was a tough decision on Tesla vs Peloton, but I picked up some Tesla today. Hopefully, that will be the last of the stock-impacting tweets... but I doubt it.
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    Spending vs revenue in car-centric development (trigger warning, not politics)

    Interesting graphic and I totally understand that urban/non-car centric settings can be more efficient especially when talking in terms of road infrastructure. The 2 things I do not see accounted for are: 1. People who live in the suburbs but work in the downtown areas. The biggest expense...
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    Austin Gigafest Event on April 7

    This band is based in Austin and uses Tesla coils as the main feature during their concerts. Seems like a natural fit to me.
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    Lightning pre-orders? (Poll)

    I'm still waiting on my number to be called, but I noticed some on the Ford forum today have production dates for their orders as early as April/May. I'll probably pass on ordering the Lightning, but no sense in canceling at this point.
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    DeLorean EV coming?

    I heard it is powered by garbage using Mr. Fusion. Below is their latest working prototype.
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    Ford hires former Tesla engineer to lead ‘Advanced EV Development’

    My guess is that he was on "Garden Leave", meaning as soon he gave notice to Tesla they told him to go home but contractually had to pay him for X period of time. While he officially left Tesla last month, my guess is that his actual last day of work was earlier than that and Ford lawyers have...
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    Self-Driving Tesla Fails On The Streets Of South Boston

    It is an emerging technology in beta testing, driving in a very challenging environment. Of course it is going to get some things right, some things wrong... it is all part of the development process. It is not like Tesla has opened up FSD to everyone and said it is ready for the masses.
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    Highway Charging While Driving

    What is the business model here? Is there some sort of meter hooked up to the car where you are charged when you drive your EV on the charger, similar to a toll road?