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  1. Air suspension in -40C

    It's only cold 7 months out of the year!
  2. We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside)

    Not having to fill my old gas guzzling pickup ever again is the main reason I am looking forward to the CT delivery. Could wait so I bought a MS to tide me over. KDN
  3. Snow plowing

    If this is all we can get then I would hope that the rear camera would see over the back plow blades. It is an option if the CT can't be fitted with a standard plow. I need only to use it for a DZ driveways or so and a couple small lots.
  4. Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    I couldn’t wait for my CT so I purchased a very nice ‘16 MS. Drove 325 miles in a one way rental ($129) to pick it up. I love it and I am now gas free when driving around town. Found my MS on Tesla has a nice supply of MS and MX for sale. I feel I got a great deal on...
  5. Musk: Production Cybertruck Will Look Better Than Concept and Feature Advanced Towing Software

    I like all of Elons Tweets but I still would like to know if the CT will able to mount a snowplow
  6. Tesla homepage for cybertruck pre-order is no longer available?

    they (T) have been tight lipped on the reservation count...I suppose if they said they had XXX,XXX reservations the nay sayers would be broadcasting bad news about how many of the reservations would be canceled just to give T more bad press. I just can't believe how many people can't say...
  7. Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    CT better than we can imagine. well I hope I can put a plow on it and with better batteries in the works I hope the range goes to 600!
  8. Tesla homepage for cybertruck pre-order is no longer available?

    you have to go to the menu and open it up to see the Cybertruck and to preorder
  9. Elon Musk wasn't sure anybody would buy the Cybertruck. That turned out well :)

    I'm with you Sunny! 500 mile range, SS, reasonably priced, Tri motor! Ya. I placed my order. I only wish I had kept trying the first day when the lines were all jammed up. I ordered it two days later and I'm about 200K. I'll wait patiently. In the mean time I'll be driving my newly...
  10. Tesla Contacted Me

    I visited the local Tesla service/sales center the other day. I have a scheduled appointment on the 13th of Feb. I will let you know how that goes. My visit to schedule the appointment was met with nothing but helpful people staring the place that made me feel comfortable and at ease when I...
  11. Cybersex or cyberwar?

    you can do all the tug of war contests you want but if CT looses in every other aspect for the working man, except that it is a EV and not an ICEV, then it is just something for you to try to show yourself off in. I don't think Elon built the CT to let you show yourself off. I think he built...
  12. Cybersex or cyberwar?

    Cyber Yes- Truck to be determined. My order is in but can Elon adapt this SS beast to be the truck that working guys need. Ladder racks, dump beds and salt spreaders as well as a snowplow? Of all the trucks on the road it has to be proven to be able to do the things we do with our trucks...
  13. Deconstructing Cybertruck’s Tooling Costs Reveal Advantages of Its Engineering/Design

    I watched the entire chat. What a guy. He shows why Tesla is number one and why all the other automakers are going to be in trouble. Like he said...who can name any other CEO of an automaker. I couldn't. I read that Elon was helping get cars in the hands of customers the last day of the...
  14. Snow Plow

    I need a snowplow on mine also. I sent a question to Tesla about two months ago and haven't heard anything back. If it can't have a plow mounted then It will be only 50% value to me because I do plow about 65 customers with our current trucks. We would use this for local driveways and small...