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  1. Copperhead Thread

    i'm having mine wrapped like this
  2. Should Tesla setup a Blank-Check Co. (SPAC) or separate IPO for Cybertrck so that buyers can qualify for a $7500 rebate?

    sorry, you lost me at "taxes are used to pay down govt debt" lemme know when your comedy act hits the road, i need some tickets.
  3. Bluetooth keyboard usage with Cybertruck display

    Let me know when you ride to Hawaii, I have got to see that! :D
  4. Need Opinion

    I'd recommend against just buying stock. If you are going to invest, diversify. Otherwise you are just gambling. Would you bet $40K on Blackjack or Poker? The fact that you do not have a 401K (or presumably an IRA either) tells me that you should not be purchasing a Model Y. At most, if you...
  5. 5 inch clearance

    my garage is full of beer and beer accessories. the truck is gonna be parked out front
  6. CyberTruck vs Rivian on Battery Tech?

    hmmm, not sure i agree with that. it looks like a Nissan Juke or a Nissan Cube
  7. How to get out of the cybertruck after "it floats a while"?

    the captain goes down with the ship!
  8. Armor Glass Windshield

    the captain goes down with the ship!