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    SilveradoEV 2024 deets finally revealed:

    With this release of the Silverado ev it’s in a strong second for me right behind the cybertruck. Ford didn’t do enough as far as design so they could stand apart more from how the regular f150’s look. I like what Chevy has done with this. The only thing keeping it in second place for me is the...
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    Consumer Reports: Tesla's New Steering Yoke Shows Little Benefit and Potential Safety Pitfalls

    I feel like while he was testing this he was also in one of those infomercials where they can‘t control a hammer and end up bashing it into the drywall with an overly forceful swing and give up out of confused frustration. I’m sure somebody will come up with something that will help his tender...
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    CyberLandr Demo Video

    pretty good proof of concept. Not something I would ever get but it’s pretty awesome the effort they are putting in to make something as unique as the cybertruck. I haven’t read through all the threads for the camper but I would hope that the collapsed mode would be just low enough to clear the...
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    Cybertruck Windshield Glass spotted in new Tesla glass video?

    Looks alot like a cybertruck windshield with uncut sections still on it. Kind of like a manufacturing blank before it’s cut to exact dimensions.
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    Dealerships are such hot garbage and need to be taken out

    I generally feel that dealerships are trash and a huge scam. I completely understand it is their job to sell you their products but the products are upcharged. The scam is where you live in a decent sized town, like myself, of about 100,000 people and all but one of the 7 dealers in town are...
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    Cybertruck Size & Inconsiderate people

    I think it depends more on the person on if they would be intimidated not the type of vehicle. I wouldn't be intimidated but my ability to deal with that type of stress is different from everybody else's. riding and flashing somebody is just a way to get a reaction out of them weather its to...
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    The only cybertruck accessory I want.

    Not sure if he is a person. ??
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    The only cybertruck accessory I want.

    I don’t post here often and usually just stalk new posts but as far as accessories for the cybertruck and with the new info from AI day I thought I would express my only want for an accessor. A lot of people wand a solar cover or a mid gate for example. I would buy one without all that to be...
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    Is factory pick-up a no-go for 2 more years?

    And I know it says no politics but I believe that is the root cause of this.
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    Is factory pick-up a no-go for 2 more years?

    I think it has more to do with what auto manufacturers are in who’s pocket for the Texas state legislature. Trucks are a big deal in Texas. Dealers don’t want you to buy a truck straight from the factory because that cuts out the profit for the dealer in their markups. So the auto manufacturers...