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    Side cameras / mirrors - any NHTSA updates?

    The Mclaren speed tail doesn’t have side view mirrors and uses cameras instead. It sure if that was because it was a limited production vehicle or if it’s because it is becoming allowable. Anyhow I’m assuming Tesla will have some trick up their sleeve to sort this out
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    Article: Tesla Giga Texas on Track to Launch Production & Deliveries This Year

    Looks like it's coming along nicely! Read another article talking about how quickly construction was moving and it seems that everything is moving along well. I'm ready to go camping in my CT!!
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    Cybertruck as a tow vehicle

    From what I've sen advertised from other EV trucks that are coming to market you would end up loosing about 50% of your overall mileage while towing. I have had concerns but since the cyber truck is clearly advertised with towing capability I'm sure that it will fall in line with those numbers...
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    Come On NORTH CAROLINA...represent!

    Checking in from Greensboro NC. Have a tri motor on order with FSD. Also started a facebook group for NC CT owners so feel free to check it out!