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    Sliding Doors on Cybertruck

    cool idea, but this would add to the cost even more, nevermind the complexity
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    This is how i want my CT dashboard

    so you're saying a dark mode is required?
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    Should Tesla Do Paid Advertising?

    why spend money on advertising if you could just use that money to make your product even better than everyone else
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    Should a Shortbed Cybertruck come with a discount price ?

    if it was a regular construction, i think this would be the case. However, the CT doesent use special dies and stamping machines. they CNC score the sheets and bend them with a press break. When it comes to changing the body its as simple as changing the G-code. the difficult part is changing...
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    Cybertruck renderings and creations

    this is really cool, and actually a quite feasable DIY. the bottom could be done with a black oxide coat for stainless steel though, for a more utilitarian build
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    Cybertruck renderings and creations

    as polarizing as the cybertruck is, i think it still looks better than the mach e. mach e reminds me of the old model S's when they had that black snout "grill"
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    Cybertruck VS Rivian

    6.5 ft, even better
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    Things (possibly) not needed for overlanding with a CyberTruck

    you could also replace all the propane powered stuff with electrical components, like propane stoves, skottles, etc.
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    Things (possibly) not needed for overlanding with a CyberTruck

    I actually think that solar panels would be very useful for many overlanders, whether theyre integrated or aftermarket to charge the battery. this allows you to be completely independent from a base camp. Even if its just an extra 20 miles of range a day, itll be enough to get back to...
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    Elon Confirmed: Cybertruck Colors Options Will Require Wrap

    there are other options for finishes besides wraps, acid etching and black oxide coating. Especially the black oxide coating looks really good and can be applied to a large area easily.
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    Supercharger station cord length needs to be longer for Cybertruck

    yeah i completely agree with having the charging port in the front, this would especially help people who are towing a trailer, and it would be more practical as its closer to the drivers seat
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    any ideas if the same front recovery winch could be used somehow to pull stuff up the tailgate ramp? Maybe through rerouting the cable/synthetic rope or something? or would a separate winch be nescesary?
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    Width and Minimum Ride Height? Comparable vehicle?

    lol when your minimum ground clearence is only an inch lower than the F150's
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    Lifting tailgate option please Tesla

    also maybe a (hand) winch on the back of the tailgate might be nice to pull stuff up the ramp
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    Lift kit and 37's on Cybertruck?

    Does anyone know if we'll be able to put a lift kit on? I'd love to be able to put on some 37" tires and a 3" lift and have a total of 20" ground clearance. Or is that a bit overkill? Also would it be possible to put on 37s without getting a lift?