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  1. Cybertruck Has a Texas Home! Musk Announces Gigafactory Texas For Cybertruck Production!

    When my CT is ready I will fly down from Chicagoland with my Bro-in-law to pick it up and we can drive it home! The Ultimate Road Trip in my very cool CyberTruck!
  2. About Delivery

    I saw that exactly done in a video which is very cool. I wish I could locate that vid...
  3. CT Motorized Solar Panels

    I want one on mine!!!!
  4. About Delivery

    Now, here it is 2020 July and the CyberTrucks are not due out till next year. By the time the CyberTrucks are in full production Full Self driving should be ready according to Elon. So if we have the new, new (rumored) 3650 mile batteries next year Couldn't we simply "Summon" our new car from...
  5. Sleeping in the cab

    Your own little Camper! Would save lots of money. And with the windows 'blacked' out nicely and private... You could watch the sky in comfort and no mosquitoes!
  6. States that love or hate the Cybertruck :)

    I thought I had it bad with the nearest Supercharger being 10 miles away! So sorry for you! (I'm in Chicagoland...)