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  1. How about that weather?

    We have had a relatively cool summer here in the Midwest. No snow on halloween like last year but we came pretty close. Getting a lot of rain.
  2. Configurations and Pricing Removed From Cybertruck Website!

    I predict new OctoMotor configuration to go with OctoValve hvac system. Who cares about driving in just one direction when you can move in all directions at the same time! Plus, Octo just sounds cool. Wow your friends!
  3. [VOX] Self-driving cars: The 21st-century trolley problem

    Unfortunately most media today refuses to admit it has bias or an agenda. Its impossible for humans to avoid bias, every piece of media we produce will have bias. Things were better when most media sources openly declared their bias and didn’t even try to be objective. They let the reader do...
  4. 4680 Battery Anode at Giga Berlin

    No, as the structural battery is one of 3 parts put together to make the frame of the car. Even if it is welded, you can cut the welds and reweld it. The guys do it where I work all the time. Not a welder, so I don’t know any more details about how that works, but we use welds in our shot...
  5. 4680 Battery Anode at Giga Berlin

    Looks like those could be coolant ports for sure. However, that metal is pretty thin and it doesn’t look like there is much room for flow. They could also just be mechanical connection points for other parts of the battery.
  6. Looking at Hybrid Supercapacitors

    I can go to any number of old machines where I work and take pictures of capacitors used for frequency modulation (with the associated contactors) but unfortunately my company has a policy where I cannot share said pictures. Even though these machines are from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. You are...
  7. Looking at Hybrid Supercapacitors

    Yeah, thus they didn’t store current, as I said.
  8. Looking at Hybrid Supercapacitors

    Capacitors are usually used for frequency oscillation and control, which is why they are common in filters. Old school frequency modulation was just a bunch of capacitors being switched by contactors. They didnt store or generate current, really, just modified the waveform passing through their...
  9. Why I'm Getting The F150 Lightning

    I’d look at the Mach E teardown videos from Sandy Munro. Ford’s shitty, lazy engineering these past few decades is continuing with their electric products. Same as the other domestic OEMs.
  10. FSD Missing from my Account

    Just checked my order email and my account. Both say I have FSD. Do you still have your order email?
  11. First electric taxi in 1943 Y’all might find this interesting too. Given how common they were at one point, I’m sure there were electric taxies, you’d just have to dig a little to find out for sure. Might even have to dig through microfilm of newspapers from...
  12. The Conundrum

    My only fear is what will happen when Giga Texas goes into volume production of the Y. Will we start seeing the Y depreciate more, as they will be easier to buy new?
  13. The Conundrum

    Recently, my car was totaled. I really loved that thing but I couldn’t justify shelling out the money for body work when I already was anticipating some major repairs in the drive train. So I ended up selling it to a mechanic who loves doing that kind of work in his spare time. Problem is, I...
  14. First electric taxi in 1943

    Might not have been the first. Electric vehicles existed in the late 1800s/ early 1900s before ICE vehicles dominated.
  15. Off-topic: nothing to see here - Tesla Van

    Id love to see a giant roadtrip van for the entire family and a few friends. A Tesla version of an E350….with a 1000 mile range.