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  1. 600+ Range For Cybertruck

    Pretty much what I expected thanks for the link. Question: My experience with a RV electrified camp sites is that you have to pay the full amount whether you spend the night are not? I know that sites around Monument Valley can cost &85/night. Do you know if they give you a break if your...
  2. 600+ Range For Cybertruck

    Anyone interested in a challenge drive? I plan on buying a Tesla CT-3. I want to drive the Loneliest HWY 50 Nevada. Start in St Louis MO to Great Basin National Park then onto HWY 50 NV to Carson City. I would be interested in your input as to whether this is doable and safe? If you own a...
  3. Value of long range variants.

    What kind of motors does the CyberTruck use? Is it a stepper motor are a hysteresis motor. Does anyone understand why the tri-motor gets better mileage than the duel motor?