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    So I just got a call from Tesla...

    As it happens, things fell through and circumstances resulted in a bit more debt than at the time of having financing for the SR+, though at least personally a silver lining to delay is a bit more time to prepare for CT... Quite glad that you had proper timing though :>
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    Cybertruck production gets closer as Gigafactory Texas shifts to 24/7 construction

    I had the fever bad recently and nearly financed an SR+ with intent to trade in for CT, feeling comfortable with time to save/offset value loss since my order is somewhere around 430K in line (I was in uni and missed the announcement, though placed order when heard about at start of this year)~...
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    So I just got a call from Tesla...

    Cheers for having the patience... I made a near opposite deal in financing an SR+ to grant me sanity over the likely next 2 years minimum (being 400K+ in line, accounting for some people cancelling, potential fluctuation in Giga Austin, any legalese bureaucracy, etc.), taking delivery next wee -...
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    Tesla Plans to Add 52 New Service Centers in 2021

    A recent visit to Brentwood sales and service center, near Nashville TN, revealed that Knoxville, approximately where I have moved to recently, is prepaeing for some degree of center there as well. This pleases me, being far more convenient for my SR+ which is holding off madness waiting for my...
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    I have become obsessed with the Cybertruck

    Do take heart though in that, insofar understood, the order of deliveries are not only number and version, but location as well so it might be sooner depending ^^;
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    Will the Tesla Cybertruck become the best-selling truck in the US?

    Whilst people vary, I think many or most who reserved/reserving have no intention on trading or selling, but rather keeping as a life long utilitarian mobile living space, especially with solar panels. The bigger picture still leaves in awe, I suspect, that long life minimum maintenance...
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    Plaid Cybertruck Is A Thing Says Musk!

    The 0-60 will be even more terrifying, in a good way :>
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    We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside) [Winners Announced]

    To reference the meme, if able then why settle for less than a solar charging self driving bulletproof batmobile with camp and animal companion settings? Bulk of family live in Texas and Tennessee whilst I have taken root in the Pacific Northwest. The culture of my two previous home states do...
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    Poll: Which CYBRTRK configuration(s) did you pre-order, if at all

    In Tacoma WA here, DM FSD, looking forward to trailing offroad and visiting family across country, and giving many free rides to help advertise \(^w^)/