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  1. Tesla Consider Russian Production, Says Musk

    What, dealing in the US is any better? The economy fails every 5 to 6 years. Still amazed how people don't see the crap in their own yards stink just as much or even worse.
  2. Tesla Consider Russian Production, Says Musk

    You've been watching too much mainstream media BS. Amazing how people are so shocked by the fake BS when their own government is doing far worse. Now the BS aside, Russia has some seriously talented engineers and vast resources which can boost Tesla edge & production. With trade routes being...
  3. Article: Tesla Giga Texas on Track to Launch Production & Deliveries This Year

    Let's go give them a hand and speed this thing up!!! Doomsday approaches and need time to mount my road warrior items!
  4. CyberTruck production start date = April 2022

    If there is something to that then it can still mean expected full production, prior could be ramping up with limited numbers. So I see it as sort of how Model 3 was starting, didn't hit full swing until much later. Don't be surprised if there's still a few in people's hands at the end of year.
  5. Cybertruck delayed; writing is on the wall.

    Doesn't bother me, would like it sooner than later but it is what it is. Still think 2022 is when most of us will have our trucks.
  6. Toyota Developing Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine

    Toyota is and always has been anti-EV, how many millions have they wasted on hydrogen so far? Making claims there's no demand for EVs and all sorts of nonsense. They know an ICE means maintenance revenues. May they go bankrupt with their idiot spending.
  7. Are we thinking there will be a re-shuffle of orders?

    Nah, pricing and/or down payments may change but doubt they will bump anyone for a newer order.
  8. Canada's Upcoming 20% Surtax [Closed For Politics]

    Curious how trade-in value would work in this case, as the calculation for taxes go that trade-in value is deducted before taxes. Which then may drop the tri-motor below $100k.