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    Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    4 wheel stearing sucks and adds weight. if they do more then 3 DEG like most offerings maybe it will be okay. But i will pass if only 3 DEG
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    Michelin XZL

    so lets talk tires and what the codes mean. I am here to help. The stock tires will be okay on the CT. But you need to know how and where you will be driving it. If tesla has top speed and preformance testing they cannot offer a tire that has a lower speed rating. this will not be great for the...
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    Michelin XZL

    You will have very little room to bargen. OEM tires are actually built for the car. they do have different tolerances and in some cases are built to help with the ride and suspention of the car. (addition of GSK and B59 ) And before you ask. I was a classpector for Michelen for many years and my...
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    Surge protection?

    if worried get a TVSS installed
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    Nikola is going to crush Tesla with its new technology!

    need a little flower and butter in there
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    Canadian Prices Suck

    I never really understand this. THere needs to be a dual system. I am in canada. I need a covid test to return to work but it will be hit or miss if i get my results in time because my only option is the public testing. Why can i not pay for a private test? This does 2 things. It frees up...
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    Will we need a jack...

    RFT is not a good option for range they are heavey and with the higher weight will reduce range.
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    “Crawl Control” for the Cybertruck?

    so i deal with VFDs daily and what you are asking for is somthing that is already in practice in Drawworks for the drillign industry. It is simply sofware and can be done. Hell We have Drawworks that can lift well over 1000000lbs and they only have a friction break for and e-stop and "parking"...
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    Variable frequency drive

    seriously look into ABB controls. I use VFDs daily for controling drilling rig equipment. we use a joystick to control speed and it is fast as you want to program it within the limitations of the motors.
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    Motor Life

    defective in this case means there was a flaw with the motor a manufaturing defect. Motors will reach a natural end of life and need to be replaced. this is not a defect.
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    Independence is taken for granted.

    I think it could react. There is already teck that can tell when you are not paying attention. So I would not see this being so dificult to do. It could either take over or take over and park on the side of the road. Even call 911 or call/text a loved one
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    Solar panels

    Do some reading on clear solar panels. they exist but are still to early in development to be used. I think that is the way forward with EVs. all windows are solar panels and they are perfectly clear. But as that is a ways off i think the front roll down window cover is a fantastic idea
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    Poll: Are You Replacing an ICE Truck With Your Cybertruck?

    make this a poll. No I am no replacing I now never sell any car i own. Want a nice little collection for retirement
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    NO SIDE MIRRORS (Side View Cameras Instead)

    ya have a great day