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  1. Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    Anyone who is complaining about their "deposit" needs to go ahead and ask for their $100 back and stop behaving as if they dropped $50k for a Roadster deposit. The delay is neither a surprise nor even a deviation from typical Tesla deliveries of an innovative line (Model X, the new Roadster, or...
  2. Alabama here

    Mobile AL. I ordered the Sat morning after debut. I'm position 150k for a CT; position 49,481 for trim (DM FSD) Who knows when I'll get mine.
  3. One of the Cybertrucks is with Savage Garage

    I was unfamiliar. OMG. That was hilarious.TY.
  4. Vehicle to Home (Ford Figured it Out)

    Agreed. I nabbed a reservation as well. My wife is getting increasingly noisy about the CT aesthetics. And it's for a valid reason - she says they scream "Look at me" and she'd prefer to be in something more low-key. Hard to get more low-key than an F150 in South Alabama. I had the same...
  5. Cybertruck Models Acceleration Comparison Simulator

    I couldn't agree more. Although here in Alabama the 2 lane speed limit is more like 55, but a Valentine 1 makes it "feel" like 75. I wonder if my bride will buy this argument about "safety" being a valid point to purchasing the C3. "Honey, I swear, it's actually safer for me to get this...
  6. New Tesla Supercharger in Texas Includes Spaces (Probably) For Cybertruck

    I think you have it wrong Crissa. The charging point of the M3 is the driver-side rear light, to which that portion of the car is directly in front of the charger for which the car is parked. The cord is not drawn around the back of the car (as it would have been if they attempted to use the...
  7. Fiery deaths?

    No - I'd like to believe I'm only guilty of occasional slight negligence these days. You make a fair point and I agree. What these men did went was reckless negligence. @Bill906 You are 100% correct. While there are seeming conflicting general rules here (don't put water on an electric fire...
  8. Fiery deaths?

    Does Tesla still not have a PR department? This article was from Oct 2020, but I haven’t seen anything to indicate anything’s changed since. It seems like accidents like this would be a good reason to have one. With more cars on the road, the odds of someone making a very poor choice go up...
  9. Tailosive EV: "Why I'm Worried About the Cybertruck"

    Absolutely. I have a wakeboard boat, and I look forward to dropping it in the water at the ramp, causing something of a fuss for LA. (that's Lower Alabama).
  10. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    Similarly, I go inside steel plants, refineries, etc. where they dictate any vehicle inside certain areas of the plant must have the doors unlocked and the "keys in the ignition." If you don't, they can relocate your vehicle in a manner less than pleasing. I am assuming leaving the key fob in...
  11. Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup will be able to power a camper

    That would require bi-directional ports which I don't think has ever been outright indicated. So far there is only one charging port I know of. (Crissa?) BUT - I really like the idea of having expansion power pack capability, especially with a trailer. I remember we had an F150 once that we...
  12. Who Else is Hoping for a Redesign for Wife's Acceptance?

    Would I spend $50k+ w/o discussing with my spouse? No. Did I put a $100 refundable deposit down before discussing it? Yes. I told her about it a month or so ago. Timing is everything. Unfortunately, the CT may be showing up around the time daughter #1 is getting married. oof.
  13. Cybertruck colors are coming, including matte black

    O M G. If you're just trolling, I won't take it well. I soooooo want a matte black version. That would be just incredible.
  14. Starlink coming to Cybertruck?

    No kidding. Can you imagine using your CT to augment your home internet? "Daddy, when are you coming home [because our internet is so much faster when your truck is in the driveway]" I am not sure if that is very realistic, but it is fun to pretend.
  15. Tesla Semi spotted in the wild!!

    I would have had a similar reaction.