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    Does the cybertruck shift gears?

    Teslas don't have transmissions. They do have differentials though.
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    Consumer Reports reviews the Cybertruck

    I counted only one error and one good point. Error 1: " There are two seating configurations: Five seats, with two front seats flanking a large center armrest with storage and two cupholders, and six seats with a front bench." This is the first I've heard of this, and I'm pretty sure they're...
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    Article: Tesla’s Cybertruck delay may have been caused by design finalization

    I can't put much faith in information from a source that just "recently . . . uncovered the possibility of Tesla installing solar panels on the Cybertruck’s tonneau." This has been a stated possibility since around November 22, 2019.
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    Anyone have an EV as their ONLY vehicle?

    You'll be fine. If range gets a bit tight, a 15-minute layover instead of 10 will get you enough added range to relieve any stress. Besides, if there's an emergency that 15 minutes means a life-or-death difference, you should call 911 anyway, since they should arrive long before you can make a...
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    Anyone have an EV as their ONLY vehicle?

    I should also say that it's been close to 4 years and 150,000 miles without an ICE vehicle. Zero regrets.
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    Anyone have an EV as their ONLY vehicle?

    We're an only-EV household. We haven't had any major issues beyond having to route via superchargers instead of via our previous rural highway routes through eastern Nevada and up through Idaho. Trips are more relaxing due to the regular charging stops.
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    CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    This is my type of camping.
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    Giga Austin to start production of Cybertruck in Q3?

    I love my S, but I can't see keeping the S once I get my CyberTruck. The cost of registration and insurance for the S is far more than the additional cost of electricity for daily driving the truck.
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    Giga Austin to start production of Cybertruck in Q3?

    I just picked the lock on my neighbor's trailer so that I could use the trailer to haul lumber from town while he was out of town. True story. But I did have his permission... except for the picking the lock part....he told me it wasn't locked up. :D
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    What would you pay for the cyberquad?

    My guesstimate is $11,990.
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    Glass Topper is a SHOW STOPPER !

    The big advantage of solar would be indefinite parking without needing to be plugged in. Parking at the airport wouldn't be an issue, assuming you have outdoor parking and not a garage. Solar would also be great for camping or other weekend outings where plugging in isn't always an option...
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    Glass Topper is a SHOW STOPPER !

    I completely agree with you. I dislike the huge front windshield in our Model X for those very reasons. My Model S has a "normal" windshield and it's great. I almost never look up to see through the glass roof either. I'd definitely vote for solar panels on the Cybertruck roof in place of the glass.
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    The cost of driving an EV?

    I just took a look at to see what the average F-150 is getting for fuel mileage. The numbers below are for ALL F-150 models, V6 and V8, as well as all cab and bed styles. A V8, 4x4, crewcab is lucky to average 15 mpg.
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    It is effing final. Elon said so himself! "Cybertruck doesn’t need a garage"

    Been doing that for 50 years with no ill effects. None of my vehicles have EVER been garaged. 😎👍