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    Cybertruck pics & videos from the Petersen Automotive Museum [Dates Extended Until July 5]

    Here's a side by side image showing that the Cybertruck's suspension setting at the museum is lower than when it made its debut on reveal night.
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    Multispoke Production Wheels on Cybertruck in Workshop / Studio?

    Bump for newer people to the Cybertruck who may not know that those are aero wheel covers on the Cybertruck, and that these may be the production wheels underneath.
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    Cybertruck pics & videos from the Petersen Automotive Museum [Dates Extended Until July 5]

    Yes, that's just a wheel cover. Here's a look at what's speculated to be the wheel design underneath the cover. From:
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    Auto Insurance on the Cybertruck

    Here's an article by Motortrend predicting insurance costs for the Cybertruck based on several factors...
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    Video: Cybertruck Will Make Tesla Billions

    It's already too late. Even if a company decided they pretty much want to copy the Cybertruck exactly at this point, Tesla will beat them to market. And at a lower price point (with its battery cost advantages) and more range (with its battery tecGM hnology advantage). And with its supercharger...
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    CTOC T-Shirt/Polo

    I’d sport a site/club shirt. What about using the site’s official logo - the one at bottom of the 3D Visualizer?
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    Interior Side View Camera Screen Spotted?!

    I wouldn't like that placement. If they put the side view screens anywhere but around where the traditional mirrors would be (like in the photo), it's going to mess with a lot of drivers. You'll have to retrain your driving technique for checking the rear side view, as well as remember which...
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    Predictions for the top 3 Cybertruck exterior modifications

    1) Roof glass tint 2) Tires & wheels 3) Color vinyl wrap
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    What The Possible Texas Cybertruck Terafactory Looks Like Right Now

    Thanks for taking a drive and showing us the site. Crazy to think that by late next year there will be a whole Terafactory standing there and starting to crank out Cybertrucks.
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    Cybertruck Spotted Testing Tonight in LA! [Updated With Video]

    It was wearing manufacturers plates (says MFG) so it’s exempt from from the usual requirements.
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    Full Video: Cybertruck Featured on Jay Leno's Garage

    Nice! Look at that view from inside with the all glass roof, it's beautiful. :love: And impressive strength shown by the vault cover. Elon is a big guy - about 6'2" and 200+ pounds.
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    Cybertruck renderings and creations

    Tulsa Police Cybertruck rendered by City of Tulsa to pitch the city as a site for the new Cybertruck factory.
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    Cybertruck Gigafactory Location Will Be More Than Halfway to East Coast

    Surprised that they haven't spoken until recently. But now that they have and considering situation with Fremont reopning, I think it's Cybertruck Giga Factory in Texas pretty much foregone conclusion.
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    Rival designer calls Cybertruck design "Iconic. Brutal. Perfect."

    Interesting read on what Brutalism is, I've always just glossed over that description of the Cybertruck. I wonder if Tesla set out to give the Cybertruck a Brutalist design or it just came to be because they wanted to create a shape that was easiest to manufacture with stainless steel.
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    Cybertruck spotted filming for Jay Leno's Garage and accelerating in traffic (video)

    Thanks for the heads up. Surprised they're not featuring something more interesting for the season premiere than a vintage pickup truck.... oh maybe like a futuristic electric utility vehicle of the future. ;)