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  1. Why Elon Thinks Cybertruck Suspension 'Game Changing'. (My Newest Video)

    You lost me when you said "I think" and it is just me wanting to learn more about this truck with facts not speculation.
  2. Cybertruck vs Humvee (HMMWV)

    Hence why I spoke about the HMMWV. I have never desired a civilian hummer.
  3. Free Cybertruck from Tesla. I'm in

    My plan is to get my Cybertruck from Tesla for free. I got 220 shares of TSLA and plan to pay cash for the truck from the stock price increase. I know it is my money to start with but it sounds good saying free. Who else is doing the same?
  4. Cybertruck vs Humvee (HMMWV)

    Wrong Hummer for this topic.
  5. Display / control system for truck specific features

    I would hope for Crawl Control like my Tacoma has. Very good feature for off-roading.
  6. Powerwall 2 in vault of Cybertruck...easy range upgrade.

    Lets say you get the 500 mile range CT. After X amount of miles the 500 mile pack will only give you 300 miles due to degradation. You might/could get a new 500 mile pack for the truck and place the degraded 300 mile pack in the vault for a total of 800 miles of range.
  7. When will the first movie show someone being tortured or killed using electricity associated Tesla?

    The Cybertruck should not be used for evil or you will go to jail. We love the Cybertruck for its greatness.
  8. Cybertruck vs Humvee (HMMWV)

    Since the military starting buying the Humvee I have always wanted one, but could never afford it back then. The Humvee has always had that cool factor that's screams look at me when it goes driving by. Despite their size they can just about go anyway and look good doing it. So now comes...
  9. New Mexico

    I am looking forward to seeing more from NM. I hope I won't be the only one.
  10. When can I expect delivery of tri-motor Cybertruck?

    12 days after it rolls off the assembly line. And on Day 11 I will test drive your CT before you get it. I will drive it like I stole it.
  11. If the CT is built in Texas would it not make logical sense to fill orders closest to the assembly plant?

    Regardless of plant location it would be wise of Tesla to deliver the CT to all regions equally to get the CT seen on the streets of every city. Marketing the CT all over the place at once.
  12. How many are getting the solar option

    Solar panels on the tailgate and the side storage panels would require that you open everything up and expose all your storage to the public while getting the additional solar rays. Not worth the risk of exposing your storage and truck bed for a few more rays.