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    Tesla quietly disabled the autopilot feature on a Model S

    No update purchases required. You can subscribe to some premium service if you choose, ie spotify, netflix. But the over the air updates do not cost you.
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    Tesla quietly disabled the autopilot feature on a Model S

    So the way i understand it now is that POST April 2019 all Model 3's came with the FSD AI computer, Whether you ordered FSD or not. You could then pay $s to activate it if you wanted at a higher rate. So I asume the CT will also come equipped likewise. This scenario only makes sense to me if you...
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    We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside)

    What I like about CT. -stainless steel -plug in power -pneumatic suspension -4 wheel drive -over the air updates -vault cover -it's a Tesla
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    What should I expect by way of delivery procedure?

    For the Island the pickup location is downtown Vancouver service centre. Definetly nothing fancy, just a parking lot with a bunch of worked off there feet Tesla employees in an office. Yes we did drop off our trade in when picking up the Model 3. We had an older Subaru Forester as trade. It was...
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    What should I expect by way of delivery procedure?

    The process for us in BC Canada was super smooth. We ordered it online with the configuration we wanted. Within two weeks they called and said it was ready to pick up at the Tesla Service Centre (SC). Due to our personal schedule we couldn't pick up for a week. By e-mail we were able to...
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    Cybertruck VS Rivian

    The Rivian is OK, but it just smacks of an old man truck (no insult intended). A going to the lake house on a weekend kind of truck. It's a little too polished for my taste.
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    Ease of vehicle entry: Cybertruck vs Model 3

    here's a handy set of instructions
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    Engineering Explained: F-150 better than Cybertruck for towing duty (over distance)

    Agreed, the point is definitely being missed here. The EV will be more efficient hands down. No matter what vehicle your using ICE or EV the mass pulled is the same, rolling resistance the same as well. The efficiency of an EV system over ICE is ridiculously high (ie not a couple percent). Read...
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    T-slots in bed of vault

    You're right might be a pain. Guess I'll just throw down a tarp or something to minimize clean up after.
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    Tesla Badge

    Could someone please forward to Elon? As the CT is to be a clean stainless finish, how about laser etching the Tesla badge on to the truck. 1. helps with errant drag ( I know ridiculous excuse) 2. no ones going to steal your badge 3. there was talk of laser wipers and your laser light bar, just...
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    Cybertruck is the best family car you can buy. Will it be your family vehicle?

    Will definitely be our camping/vacationing/road trip vehicle. Just has more space/flexibility than our Model 3.
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    Cybertruck Playlist

    Nice, but just recalled this. Sturgill Simpson 'Sound & Fury'
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    Cybertruck Playlist

    Funny, I've been thinking about this as well. 'The first track I'll play in the CT?'. Super impressed with the sound in Model 3 SR+ even without premium system. Hoping the dual motor AWD CT has the premium system, with sub. Back to the first track, still debating that. Something with heavy bass...
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    This forum in the news

    Hopefully Musk will have a look as there's some good ideas being circulated.
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    Tesla quietly disabled the autopilot feature on a Model S

    I din't to start with either. But the more I hear about the future use of these vehicles. i.e. someone wants to buy your CT as an investment...I'm honestly still debating, I'll make the final decision at purchase.