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    GM to launch Hummer EV with splashy World Series and social media ad blitz next week

    I'm very curious to see it. I like the open top option -- kinda Jeep like and had one of those for 7 years.
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    Can we expect the Cybertruck in 2021 -- What's your opinion?

    I'm a little concerned with the number of folks that are indicating that this is a 'much' more expensive vehicle than they would normally buy, but saying they plan to 'keep it till they die'... unless you are 70+, I think that is not very likely and definitely not good for your financial...
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    Can we expect the Cybertruck in 2021 -- What's your opinion?

    Everyone uses terms like 'quirky' or 'different' when describing Elon Musk. The one that doesn't get enough attention is 'competitive'. It was, what, 1 week before the Plaid S was pushed out to beat the Lucid on time and distance... I think he wants to be the first with an electric pickup...
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    Starlink capabilities?

    The congestion refers to too many connections to the satellite that would happen in a more populated area, not the number of people... just to clarify. I think that's what you meant, but just in case. I've been following Starlink for some time and at no time has Elon indicated that the service...
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    Starlink capabilities?

    As someone that lives semi-rurally (only about 10 minutes from a city) and has very limited Internet options, I hope Starlink goes to rural residential before being used in cars. I had DSL speeds up until about 6 months ago and now have barely better ptp wireless service. Working from home is...
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    Tri-motor vs Quad-motor or Hub-motor

    Probably why the Lordstown truck's top speed it 80MPH.
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    Funny Cybertruck images & videos

    Umm... that's an animation
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    Cybertruck FSD brain

    I think in both cases, its much less about 'tracking' and more about using the tracking info for coercion. Watch 'the social dilemma' on Netflix if you haven't already... ** puts on tinfoil hat, goes to secret underground bunker, and loads shotguns ** /s
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    California Bans Sale of New Gasoline-Powered Passenger Vehicles Starting 2035

    Maybe the best solution for V2H with the CT is an 'aftermarket' add-on using the power outlets provided in the bed. As far as I know, California is the only state that has this emergency need for power created by the rolling blackouts ( I know there are other emergency scenarios like storms...
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    My journey to the Cybertruck

    Nice! Is that the Midnight Silver Metallic?
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    California Bans Sale of New Gasoline-Powered Passenger Vehicles Starting 2035

    Once ICE car numbers decline and gas sales decline, where are the states/feds going to get that tax revenue? The cost of each gallon of gas includes a considerable percent of tax revenue. For example, in MO, each gallon of gas includes 17.42 cents of state tax and 18.40 cents of federal tax...
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    Tesla website down

    take that back... the main site works, but sign in does not... probably temporary
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    Tesla website down

    working fine for me
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    New BEV Truck - Hercules Alpha

    That site seems a little suspect and the rendering quality is terrible... looks like a high school graphics class project. Hope it's legit, though. More competition is always good.
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    Does everyone believe FSD will be viable in the next 3 years? 5 years? 10 years?

    I love the idea of FSD for some scenarios including trips. I also have a son that may never drive, so having full FSD would provide freedom to both of us... but, without other manufacturers pushing as hard as Tesla, I wonder if/when it will truly be a fully working product. I understand that...
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    Let's be honest - who disliked and/or was repulsed by the Cybertruck when they first saw it?

    Initially was a little unsure, which is why I didn't jump right in... but now, it makes all other pickups (including my Ram EcoDiesel) look dated. After I saw the estimated time until my Tri-Motor would be delivered, I thought about switching to a Rivian, but now it just doesn't look 'cool' or...
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    Right, but there have never been 'in stock' vehicles that I'm aware of. An order that was cancelled or rejected, just went to the next pre-order in line... as far as I know. This indicates, maybe because of the virus/employment/economy, that several people cancelled and there aren't others...