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  1. azjohn

    Telo EV Pickup Truck -- a good option for Crissa

    Crissa has often said she would rather have a smaller truck than CT or Lightning...
  2. azjohn

    TFL reviews the Jeep Magneto

    The more I see of the Magneto the more disappointing it is, when the hood was raised I thought "Really?"
  3. azjohn

    Recaptcha pop ups

    Recaptcha pop ups are happening after every mouse click and is getting irritating
  4. azjohn

    Worlds First EV friendly trailer

    Trailers with PV cells has been a topic of conversation lately, thought some people might find this video interesting
  5. azjohn

    Lessons learned from the Texas grid failure

    Thought I would share a video from a youtube page I have recently discovered
  6. azjohn

    Alex on Autos: The truth about EVs and Solar

    I have been following him for a while, I never knew he is off grid.
  7. azjohn

    Wallbox EVSE

    Came across this video about the Wallbox EVSE, I like the small size and app functions. Since it qualifies as a smart charger you will get a rebate from your power company. Can be found on Amazon
  8. azjohn

    Automonous Mower startup

    Thought I would share something that popped up in my FB feed, could be the future of lawn care
  9. azjohn

    Engineering Explained: If Gas cars are banned, Can The Grid Handle Electric Cars?

    This is something I have always thought about, thank you Jason for doing the math
  10. azjohn

    Ego Zero Turn Mower

    Anybody looking into the EGO ZTR, I am in the market for a new ZTR mower. It will be either an Ego Z6 or a John Deere 5 or 7 series
  11. azjohn

    Battery Tech

    A good video if you like the science behind battery chemistry
  12. azjohn

    Video: Sandy Munrow discusses Tesla Battery Day

    This is the video I have been waiting for
  13. azjohn

    Rich Benoit builds a Cyber Quad