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  1. Rust Spots/Corrosion is the Norm

    Now we have these snakes lurking around. They basically copy and paste what we were discussing here...
  2. Cybertruck spots/corrosion

    Having no contamination in a manufacturing steel environment is nearly next to imposible. I'm positive that we wouldn't be talking about this issue if the CT was painted. My money on the table that this is been currently discussed at Tesla.
  3. Only limited edition $99k/$120k Foundation Series Cybertruck’s for 2024?

    My friend you must be the first one that has mention that here, all those VIN assigned already looks like foundation series.
  4. Only limited edition $99k/$120k Foundation Series Cybertruck’s for 2024?

    So for what I'm reading... looks like absolutely none of us normies who have early reservation numbers will get it on 2024, hell maybe not even 2025. Elon will continued building the foundation series as long orders have been put on, skipping all of us in line in the process.
  5. Just got VIN - South Florida, Ordered 12/19

    Big congrats, keep us posted, you most be one of the first ones down here
  6. Got Invite - Torn on Ordering

    Nevermind folks my mistake,just realized foundation are all dual
  7. Got Invite - Torn on Ordering

    Do we know if any dual motor has been made?, according to our sheet it accounts for the larger portion of reservations but still haven't see any news about it
  8. 10,000+ Miles Driving a Cybertruck – Things learned: range, great sound and full love/hate list after 10k miles

    I wouldn't call this stretching the band at this point, people are getting 190-210 miles out of something that is advertising 320. That's minimum about 35% less range. Something is legitimate broken here. Bigger battery, shelf off 400-500 lbs or both
  9. Get ready to vomit...

    I'm so trigger by all these clowns with money that Tesla decided to prioritize giving all of us the 🖕. 4 years in the waiting to realize that your reservation means nothing.
  10. Cybertruck vault leak in rain: a bit disappointing

    Cmon guys! are some of you seriously try to justified that its ok for this to leak...? retractile covers have been around for few years already. I have this one on my truck(link) since 2017 and have never observe any leaks until this day. There must an issue with the seals that run along the...
  11. Base Cybertruck Cheaper Now Than In 2019

    This. Some people finally star realizing the absurdity of the CT price hike.
  12. Windshield wiper blade replacement price $75. Windshield glass price $1900. + other parts prices! (RETAIL PRICES)💰

    The ONLY thing i would said is price about right, the rest is bananas
  13. DIY Vinyl Wrapping. The Cybertruck was made for it. Albeit not on purpose.

    I remenber mentioning on another post that tesla price tag for a wrap was absolutely insane considering how easy this will be on the CT.
  14. Insurance quotes / premiums for Cybertruck -- what's yours? 💲

    Nothing legitimately crazy quota wise, Waiting from my people on Florida chime in, specially Miami 😬😬😬
  15. beware of scams offering cybertrucks

    There's stupid people and them there is these kind of stupid people 🙄 😒
  16. OFFICIAL 2024 Cybertruck Pricing, Specs, Mileage/Range, Dimensions, Weight, Info

    Thank You!!!!, I was doing a little bit of a research an basically raw materials(CT specifics) have come down around 8-12% as per 3q23 vs 3q22, it gets better. 2-4% down 3q22 vs 3q21. You get the idea. Elon is appealing to see how far he can stretch those prices before coming down to reality...