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  1. jasper7821

    No Cabin Overheat Protection?

    Wow, if that doesn’t scroll down then it seems like they forgot to add that feature.
  2. jasper7821

    No Cabin Overheat Protection?

    It gets 115-120 here in the summer and there’s zero shade at my work and I’m here 11-12hrs a day. I have ceramic tinted windows including the roof, oof shades shades and sunshade and even with overheat protection on, the AC runs almost constantly and my car is white too. But I usually still...
  3. jasper7821

    Wade Mode Test! Shows How Deep Cybertruck Can Drive in Water 😱

    I would have liked to see them open the frunk to see if any water got in there.
  4. jasper7821

    No Cabin Overheat Protection?

    Nothing in your app either ?
  5. jasper7821

    VINs Pending Delivery Chart

    I ordered 1/17 in AZ 112839 and it said Jan-March.
  6. jasper7821

    1000 Miles in the Midwest: Road Trip Data

    Very nice, looking forward to taking a trip with mine when I get it (still waiting for a VIN). And that website looks pretty cool. I've never heard of it. I use TeslaFi and ScanMyTesla to track everything. And awesome to hear about the bugless windshield, especially at night.
  7. jasper7821

    Initial cleaning test results - Shiela Shine and Magic Eraser

    I always used this stainless steel aerosol on my fridge and works good, but always have to wipe the floor in front of the fridge too. I just tried the wipes and they’re 100 times better. Wipe and buff with the same wipe and I think it’s better than the aerosol, it seemed to prevent fingerprints...
  8. jasper7821

    Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    Congratulations on the VIN, I'm also in Tucson and stopped in there Saturday and took the new M3 for a spin. My res is 112839 and configured 1/17 (my birthday) and hoping for a VIN sometime in March. Sounds like you may be one of the first Cybertrucks in Tucson, I'd love to check it out when it...
  9. jasper7821

    What does “Gated” status mean?

    My order was 1/17 too in AZ. Looking forward to a VIN sometime in the next few weeks or so.
  10. jasper7821

    Awesome range when practicing energy management -- range is as advertised or better in my Cybertruck

    Great to hear the truck is giving you decent watts per mile.
  11. jasper7821

    Use credit card for the payment

    I've called and verified this. Tesla will only take a credit card for the initial deposit, the $250 fee and the $1,000 deposit.
  12. jasper7821

    Arizona rise up! Let’s go. VIN secured.

    Very nice, I ordered 1/17 AWD in Tucson, only got the PowerShare survey approval so far.
  13. jasper7821

    air suspension and bed tilting

    I have asked that several times, but it seems right now it does not. It would be nice to make it easier to load in motorcycles and what not. I’m sure they could probably just do it with a software update, hopefully they will. You would still need a ramp, though, since they didn’t incorporate...
  14. jasper7821

    ⚡️ PowerShare Install, Specs, Details confirmed! No load shifting (for now)

    What I'm kind of bummed about after watching the video, he said if the AC is more than 105 amps LRA then it cannot be on the backup circuit. My old AC dataplate says 115 amps LRA. In the summers here with the monsoons the power goes out sometimes few times a month. I would have loved for the...
  15. jasper7821

    Buyer's Remorse?

    Congratulations on your new truck and sorry hear about your wife. 349 watts per mile combined is incredible. I think I’d get similar results as I try to drive efficiently as possible, and hypermill a ton. I usually get much better than rated in my Model 3 Ordered 1/17 and awaiting a VIN. looking...
  16. jasper7821

    ProtectaClear Cybertruck FAQ's Here

    Looking forward to a Cybertruck review on how well this works for fingerprints and smudges.
  17. jasper7821

    DIY Vinyl Wrap & PPF Kits popping! [T Sportline]

    DIY PPF says "line-to-line with edge of panel", does the film end at the edge exactly, or roll over? And if it ends at the edge, is there chances of it peeling up? Thank You