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  1. First Uber Cybertruck Ride

    I want to see what people are using to wash their Cybertrucks. Would a few squirts of this do?,
  2. Insurance quotes / premiums for Cybertruck -- what's yours? 💲

    For those who have taken delivery, how much is your insurance? Is it comparable to other high dollar Teslas?
  3. Trailer towing wire hookups for lights and brakes? 7 way, 4 way etc?

    It will be a good while before my number comes up, but yeah, it will be a sight to behold 😝
  4. Trailer towing wire hookups for lights and brakes? 7 way, 4 way etc?

    So currently, while towing my Airstream I have a rearview camera monitor that displays the area behind my trailer and handheld trailer brake controller, both of which plug in to cigarette lighters. Since the Cybertruck has no cigarette lighters how would these work?
  5. Foundation Series Cybertruck ordering begins! $120K / 1,000 Limited Edition

    Actually the Foundation Series does include FSD as “included” in purchase price, as per the recent employee offer posted on this website.
  6. HONK! Horn sound?

    Along these lines I want some of the 15 speakers in the bed of the truck so I can blast some tunes outside while puttering about. Just give me a boombox mode please!
  7. OFFICIAL 2024 Cybertruck Pricing, Specs, Mileage/Range, Dimensions, Weight, Info

    What exactly is a “range extender” and can it be added after you take delivery to keep the price below the Federal tax credit/rebate??? Do you think it’s an extra physical battery or just a software add on?
  8. 10 Cybertrucks will be delivered at the Delivery Event on Nov 30, says Tesla product design director, Javier Verdura

    Ten Cybertrucks! That is embarrassing! The whole damned parking lot should be full of Cybertrucks, lights on, and then self drive around the event like a corral parade dammit! I was expecting so much more from Elon 🙄
  9. Cybertruck NO RESALE Restriction (1 Year) Spotted in Purchase Agreement Language

    I had to sign an agreement not to resell my Jaguar f-type until it was at least a year old. From what I understand Porsche makes their buyers sign something as well. If they catch you flipping your new car you are banned for life from buying another car of their brand.
  10. Anyone see CT on East Coast?

    Where the heck did you get that model. It’s awesome,,,
  11. FRUNK SIZE MONEY SHOT! 💵 Production Liner Insert + Cybertruck Logo!

    I don’t see this as a better frunk than the Cybertruck’s. With all the protrusions it’s not very functional. The CT has a nice flat surface to slide in grocery bags, toolboxes, luggage, or what have you. Plus it will be easier to keep clean without all those dirt collecting crevices.
  12. 🎬 Onboard video! Cybertruck Off-Road Filming... Rear Screen spotted 👍

    Super disappointed that the shape of the seats is no longer “Low Poly”! I was really looking forward to an edgy, minimalistic design.