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  1. Suskis

    Unplugged Performance Cybertruck aftermarket accessories & parts (wheels, lift kit, wheels, bullbars, winch, lighting, racks & more)

    Lots of Cybertruck stuff!
  2. Suskis

    OFFICIAL 2024 Cybertruck Pricing, Specs, Mileage/Range, Dimensions, Weight, Info

    Dual motor has always been their priority because it has always been the most interesting one. They will never meet demand in years because being so fast, bulletproof and with a perfect range for 90% of population, the other variants were never their top selling options. It's a no-brainer choice...
  3. Suskis

    265 mi range at 90% shown in demo Cybertruck driven by Marques Brownlee MKBHD

    I thought only dual motors with 300 miles would have been released today. if so, this is perfectly as announced
  4. Suskis

    Photos: Windows rolled down & windshield wiper coverage area

    The tri-motor variant of CT will be, in facts, the two motors + the wiper motor
  5. Suskis

    Cybertruck tonneau bed cover water tight / leak test (w/ employee in closed vault) 💦

    I am 5 feet 5 inches and I will sleep in that bed like a baby
  6. Suskis

    Official: Cybertruck first deliveries on November 30, 2023!! Production capacity revealed to be >125K

    I recall the good 'ol days when I could buy 13 base Cybertrucks with my Tesla shares. I'll be lucky if I can afford one when it comes out if share price keeps falling and CT price reaches Model X levels..
  7. Suskis

    Jay Leno Drives Tesla Semi!

    I hope they make something really unique when Cybertruck is released. Leno is a great advertisement, but I would like a Halloween themed release with a Zombie Apocalypse setting. Cybertruck would be perfect for The Last of Us
  8. Suskis

    Cybertruck Camping & Overlanding Accessories (from Tesla Takeover 2023 @ SLO California)

    I've seen a pretty interesting concept of something similar to the 1st of this list, that one could attach or detach by just adjusting suspension's height: a special frame to be kept at home holds the cabin at max CT height. You move the truck just underneath it and lift up the suspensions...
  9. Suskis

    Uber Cybertruck driven by Tesla Bot 🦾 (video by SoKrispyMedia)

    This Optimus isn't suited for Cybertruck: too smooth. I think something more angled should work better
  10. Suskis

    Latest Cybertruck Delivery Rumors (as of 8/23/23)

    If they are all the same high-end configuration and their price will be mid to high 70s, I think that's a pretty reasonable price bump, as the high-end version was expected to be priced $69k
  11. Suskis

    Powered or manual frunk? Watch the Cybertruck prototype frunk being closed...

    With so much space in the bed and in the rear seats I doubt I am going to need using the frunk that often
  12. Suskis

    Dual Motor CT out there in Lonoke!

    as the OP on Reddit answered, he checked behind the wheels and spotted a motor behind both axels. That's why it should be dual motor
  13. Suskis

    Best look yet at Cybertruck rear light bar / brake light / turn signal in action (night video 8/15/23)

    Cybertruck's rear is its worst looking side. BUT at nighth, it becomes 100% cooler!
  14. Suskis

    Cybertruck rear window down?! (photos from winter testing)

    I don't care for rear window. I cared for midgate, but it's now clear there won't be any and this is a real pity. It halves the value of this truck for me
  15. Suskis

    Closeup look at new wheels & body panels on release candidate Cybertruck

    Leaving it parked in the August sun is going to make it theft-proof. The steel is going to heat to searing hot levels
  16. Suskis

    Sandy Munro Analyzes Cybertruck Wrapped as F-150 With Frunk Open: "What We Know & Our Final Predictions"

    ok, this video misled my then. However, Aptera was just something I picked randomly. I think that Corey and Sandy have different views on many things and that Cybertruck video shows it clearly. I can't say if it was the nail in the coffin, however hearing nothing from Sandy about Corey's...
  17. Suskis

    So the Cybertruck fits in a garage (at under 19ft long)... But was the size reduction worth it for you?

    I woul have answered "no" because my interests were in midgate, 6 seats and hige frunk. BUT I have answered "yes" because making it fit in a garage means you can recharge it at home. It makes a huge difference in terms of addressable market. They did choose what would sell more of them