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  1. It's a sad day for me

    They say everything happens for a reason. Maybe I'm just waiting for everyone to get all the kinks worked out of the CT before I buy. Maybe i will get the 2025 model. ??
  2. It's a sad day for me

    Due to financial reasons, my dream to own the Cybertruck has ended. I canceled my reservation for the single motor. I will enjoy seeing/hearing your stories and seeing it on the road someday. ☹
  3. Snow & ice -- how will RWD Cybertruck single motor perform?

    I thought I posed this question earlier, but it doesn't look like it. I have a reservation for the single motor mainly because I will be financing the vehicle and don't want a huge payment. I live in Iowa and I'm wondering how the single motor will do in the snow and ice since it will be rear...
  4. Any updates?

    I hear ya! It's kind of getting a bit frustrating. We are like 6 mos away from Giga Texas completion/orders (supposedly). After watching a review of the new F150 Hybrid Powerboost and all the cool features, I was somewhat intrigued. I'm not going to run out and cancel my single motor CT...
  5. Hitch?

    Interesting....haven't seen that pic. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Hitch?

    Not sure if anyone has discussed this, but I haven't seen a hitch on any of the pictures. Curious to know if this will be standard equipment or optional. I'm guessing standard due to most hitch manufacturers not having specs for mounting one. Also, will there be a "tow/haul" button. I'm...
  7. [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS] "White House considers vehicle mileage tax to fund infrastructure"

    Don't get your data from the media. The media are fear mongers'. Since you are a "researcher", I would think you would get your own data and not rely on the media. I never once said I didn't care!
  8. Cybertruck Options - When?

    I think we should create a CT Wives support group. :D
  9. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    I just don't see how this is even possible! I work in an industry where we make door opening and closing systems and by regulation you need to have at least a mechanical override feature in case the electronic method doesn't work according to FMVSS. Very interesting. Can't wait to see how...
  10. Who Else is Hoping for a Redesign for Wife's Acceptance?

    My wife hates the idea of me getting the CT. She hates the look of it mainly, but she is also concerned about charging and having to wait for it to charge. I'm hoping I can prove her wrong. I also think that she will absolutely LOVE the features though once she sees how things work.
  11. EV's - Self Charge as Wheel turns

    Yep...I get it. I was just trying to think outside the box for ways to recharge the battery. Hopefully the concept of solar panels in the bed comes to fruition. :)
  12. Can Tesla Cybertruck Actually Stop Bullets? Technical Analysis by a Firearms Instructor [** NO POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS **]

    I mean lets be honest....the Cybertruck WILL still protect you better than any other current production vehicle out there and it's still priced well. This is standard equipment on the Cyber truck and NOT optional equipment. That speaks VERY well to me.
  13. Elon Musk teases ‘lots of improvements’ for the production Cybertruck

    Knowing Elon, that tires would be designed to never deflate or be self-repairing! :)
  14. FSD will get $2k price increase 10/29

    Reasons not to buy this feature: Reason #1 - Yes, this is a cool feature, but personally I'm not one to jump on the next coolest thing. I'm not ready to pull the trigger on new technology of this nature. Pretty gutsy to just sit in a vehicle and let the car be in control! Not when I've been...
  15. Cybertruck Options - When?

    That's too
  16. Cybertruck Options - When?

    The thing I'm most excited about currently is when Tesla finally allows us to pick our options for the Cybertruck. My wife hates how the Cybertruck looks, but when the options come out....I think she'll get a little more excited about things. I told her that she can help me choose the options...
  17. Cybertruck steel body can be superheated to different colors

    I just don't think this is going to be a viable option. I'm not a metallurgist, but I would think heating up this proprietary cold rolled 30X stainless steel would decrease the integrity of the intended purpose of this metal, hence, not making it do what it's supposed to do. When you heat...
  18. Actual Completion Day

    Yes, the CT production will be A LOT quicker than other Tesla vehicles due to the exoskeleton. How simple of a production line will that be. One big chunk of steel and then robotically attach a bunch of parts to it.....super fast!
  19. Actual Completion Day

    Agreed!! The CT and Semi should take priority over anything. I believe these are the types of vehicles that people want!
  20. Actual Completion Day

    Does anyone else feel that CT orders will be completed quicker than anticipated? The factory has already been started and it sounds like they will be using prefab concrete. I read Q3 for completion of the factory, which seems ridiculous. Also, with new advanced assembly methods they are...