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  1. New Cybertruck official wrap colors: Satin Abyss Blue, Satin Rose Gold, Slip Grey

    How have wraps on trucks used as trucks lasted over time? $6000 is a steep price for cosmetic appeal if it only looks perfect for a year or 2. Good news is that the underlying stainless will probably last longer than the rest of the truck. I will wrap only if looking at my truck causes me more...
  2. New Cybertruck official wrap colors: Satin Abyss Blue, Satin Rose Gold, Slip Grey

    I like all of the new colors better than black or white.
  3. What tires come on Non Foundation Series CyberTruck?

    Still would like to hear best guesses about most likely all season or road tires that might be offered on the pauper series cybertrucks.🤠
  4. FS is closed, prove me wrong

    Unless you are old, wealthy and near death nobody NEEDS a CT. The exception is influencers or businesses that need an early unit to make money. Lots of people want a FS CT For various reasons. Undoubtably many of the orders are from enthusiasts that cannot really afford it. When will foundation...
  5. FINAL word on what Cybertruck is.....

    The ultimate product of it’s time created by art imitating the current state of humanity.
  6. Rear view mirror - visibility?

    Totally agree with you about the forum and fixes but why would we not expect Tesla to correct these issues if they are significant?
  7. Rear view mirror - visibility?

    The arrogant inability of Tesla to accomodate customers wants and needs has been present from day one. They could get away with it with it when they were the runaway Ev leader. They now have real competition. They will adapt or lose market share . Like a ramp it may take a long time but their...
  8. Rear view mirror - visibility?

    Any visibility issues the CT has could almost certainly be vanquished with cameras and a viewing screen be it the center screen or a separate screen/rear view. Any excuse making for this issue in a 100K vehicle is sphincter smooching period!
  9. No news (production ramp up) is bad news?

    We are now close to mid February. Are we getting any information to suggest the ramp is picking up speed, stalled, paused or whatever? I know we are still very early but so far this ramp does not appear to be going quickly at all. two additional questions? How and why does Tesla keep such a...
  10. Share your experience good or bad with since delivery of your CT

    It is nice hearing confirmation that the CT is an attention grabber. That being said it would be great if this thread could concentrate on actual owner observations about the good and bad aspects of the CT as they are encountered.
  11. Had my VIN for 10 days. No Delivery date

    This is a forum for Tesla fans and early CT adopters. This is how they treat their most valued customers? Truly shameful customer service. almost makes me question if this company has some basic communication or personality deficit🤠.
  12. Visibility from driver's seat?

    Opinions??? Visibility is either good or somewhat impaired. Different drivers may have different expectations but visibility is either there or it is not. The design is idiosyncratic enough that I am worried, particularly the A pillars and rear view. It’s not like we can check for ourselves like...
  13. Visibility from driver's seat?

    In general pickup trucks have excellent visibility excepting close to the vehicle and directly in front of it. Great visibility is one of the features I love in pickups. If the visibility is more like a sports car that would be a problem for me.
  14. Visibility from driver's seat?

    Now that we have quite a few members with CTs it would be great to hear about visibility from the drivers seat. We already know that rear visibility with the vault closed is dependent on the rear view camera. Do the A pillars or smallish rear windows create problematic blind spots? Does the long...
  15. Introducing ProtectaClear: the smart coating option to protect your 30X stainless steel factory finish

    I would think someone with a delorean has tried this product. How effective is it?
  16. Cybertruck Corrosion (per Owner Manual)

    Even high quality stainless steel can corrode with hostile conditions. It is almost inconceivable that the CT was brought to market with an alloy that could rust through or lose structural integrity through a normal lifetime of use. The real million dollar question is will it look terrible...
  17. The gotta have it now feeling has subsided for me

    Would still love to have one Now!, but not for the extra cost. The fact that I would be waiting a couple of months or more anyway if I ordered FS now also helps my patience. Will order as soon as the nonfoundation AWD is available to me assuming the price does not go up.
  18. Is the Cybertruck dangerous to other vehicles and pedestrians?

    No doubt young or irresponsible drivers might have poor driving judgement with the CT just like a muscle car or truck. I am looking for data on crash test results and CT vs other vehicles and pedestrians/mannequins.