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  1. Cybertruck Highway Range Test (Dual-Motor AWD) -- Run Until Battery Empty (by Out Of Spec)

    lol you are close it is Pawleys island not Myrtle beach . The only supercharge I know of is on 77 in Columbia and I take 26 to Charleston.
  2. Cybertruck Highway Range Test (Dual-Motor AWD) -- Run Until Battery Empty (by Out Of Spec)

    I do sometimes but there are many times like this Tuesday I did not stop once . Plus stopping to use restroom at a rest area takes 5 minutes or less . This would require finding a supercharger and stopping for 30 min plus . The 500 miles really was a main selling point to my needs . My state...
  3. Cybertruck Highway Range Test (Dual-Motor AWD) -- Run Until Battery Empty (by Out Of Spec)

    my concern is I have a vacation home 242 miles from my home. I sometimes leave early am to come to work and don't want to have to charge on route. I have a charger at both the vacation home and my office. The range extender is an option but financially that puts this purchase with the new...
  4. Are the ugly wheel covers gone? [Photo]

    Not on the one i looked at this weekend in Charlotte NC. It had the wheel covers.
  5. Remember the Cyberquad

    I hope not I was excited about it as well.
  6. Remember the Cyberquad

    So do you think that is is revealed in final form at the Cybertruck delivery evet ? It was supposed to be an add on for the Cybertruck but I have seen almost nothing since 2019 on it ? Anyone else ?
  7. Cybertruck Tire Options?

    Nothing confirmed but i also would not expect that potion.
  8. Cybertruckk windshield wiper.

    I am not a fan it. I is just sitting there waiting to get ripped off by a random passerby. I really think it ruins the "look."
  9. Alternate tailgate ramp design

    I like the concept
  10. ? Quad Motor Cybertruck and Crab Walk (Independent Front & Rear Wheel Steering) Confirmed!!

    I think the main thing with the quad motor will be independent wheel movement. This for off roading with the correct software will be amazing.
  11. A shorter CT

    that is a home built look a the pillars and how the windows are divided.
  12. Elon Musk Dines with SNL Team and Pays Particular Attention to Scale Cybertruck

    We need them to bring back “deep thought” by jack Handy but be Elon Tweets
  13. Nap Mode for Cybertruck - wishlist

    I like the idea as there are many time i just need a hotel for a few hours and just to sleep and shower.
  14. Cybertruck Hot Wheels 1:64 Die-Cast

    so any idea when it will go on sale? I do not see it released yet.
  15. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    this will defiantly look awesome and i love it but will require some getting used to like running out to grab a coat left in car now need connected device like phone i assume and can't just leave unlocked
  16. Poll: Test Drive or Sight unseen?

    i would commit to it but need to see one in person and sit in it before i stroke that check. I have honestly never driven a Tesla at all. I have only ridden in 1 model X.
  17. Update VOTE: Should we do a “Cybertruck Lightbar "Wave"?”

    i had a cj for many years jeep wave in the wrangler and cj is a thing. The boat wave is more for lakes then coastal. For the cyber truck i think a quick bow using the air suspension will work. hit a button the front drops slightly and back up.
  18. Giga Austin just keeps getting bigger - 2,500 acres w/potential to expand up to 3,500 acres

    I am personally not a true environmentalist. I do appreciate the benefits to electric vs gas and it is part of my decision but i am buying because the Cybertruck is Badass.
  19. Hotwheels RC Cybertruck starts deliveries. Have you received yours?

    My email says May 1st but I hope it comes early!