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  1. israndy

    Motherlode of Cybertrucks pics from Mexico hotel -- frunkgating, offroad gear, bed & interior peek!

    Bolts thru glass in Baja? Scary. Why not just suction cup?
  2. israndy

    'Master Candidate' Cybertrucks reportedly spotted at Giga Texas [updated w/ photos]

    "master candidate", like when a new OS is up for release (just updated to iOS 17) Oh, thought it was another wrap, it may be the wrap I do when I get one as my Sprinter is silver with the black hood so the neighbors may not notice the change when I swap them out.
  3. israndy

    'Master Candidate' Cybertrucks reportedly spotted at Giga Texas [updated w/ photos]

    I like the black hood, same as I have on my Sprinter it will be replacing
  4. israndy

    Cybertruck off road testing with lifted air suspension @ Hollister Hills OHV

    Oh, so all stuff that is covered by warranty service, I don't count those, that's the GOOD part of buying new, you getta take the car back and COMPLAIN about stuff. I was missing a screw on the bottom, and I had a speed bump squeak, but those were fixed including them washing my car each time...
  5. israndy

    Cybertruck off road testing with lifted air suspension @ Hollister Hills OHV

    What? I only have a TM3 and no other experience, but my #8000 something has been perfect. Are you just referring to the first couple of one model?
  6. israndy

    Solar inlets

    If you have a small battery you can just feed the battery the solar output and have that same battery feed an inverter powering an EVSE that you charge the Tesla with. As the sun changes just track the solar and adjust the charge speed to match so the battery doesn't get too full or too empty.
  7. israndy

    Cybertruck charging at 50,000th Supercharger in Roseville, CA. UPDATE W/ VIDEO

    Backyard, if you put it in front they'll come and take it back from you
  8. israndy

    A new idea for the giant windshield wiper.

    If you wanna see thru it when driving into the sun, don't ceramic coat it. Too easy to leave a non-clear residue, GlassParency however is very nice for having the rain blow off instead of sheeting so you don't need the wipers and it leaves only the slightest of traces on the glass.
  9. israndy

    Control buttons for vault bed - closeup pics 🔍

    I don't know what the vault cover is made of but I cannot believe that the rubber switch cover is gonna last as long as the stainless exterior otherwise will. Perhaps someone will sell a switch cover to protect it from the weather.
  10. israndy

    Self driving backing up when towing a trailer ?

    If you don't think FSD has progressed try turning it off and driving w/ AutoPilot, it's day and night. I just got locked out for some reason (I was watching it drive at a curb and after it told me to take over it also locked me out for a week) otherwise I'd not want to use NoA Doesn't the CT...
  11. israndy

    Spotted: Bike carried in Cybertruck vault bed

    I expect to do the front wheel over tailgate trick as it is stainless so hopefully I don't need the gate protector pad
  12. israndy

    Tesla Support

    He did, we're good. I am curious how @CyberGus ended up getting the Ram kumar referral as well
  13. israndy

    new speedometer cluster?

    I thought there was a binnacle at one point, sure couldn't find it on the web when I claimed it was one of the features I was gonna miss. Makes me feel better that it WAS out there and in my memory even if Google failed to find it for me at the time
  14. israndy

    Cybertrucks spotted near Tracy, CA today. Wearing Goodyear LT285/65ZR/20 M&S tires

    That makes some sense, I couldn't imagine where they would charge to make the trek from Texas
  15. israndy

    8/29: Cybertrucks spotted heading towards Fremont + unloading videos + reverse sound + open frunk look!

    If only they let us play things that way, I wonder what will happen when people try to key the Stainless
  16. israndy

    4680 charging issues???

    I think it's been true of every vehicle, until Tesla knows more about the pack they limit the charge curve. When I got my TM3 there were no v3 Superchargers so they had time to figure it out so that I could charge at 1000MPH when they did arrive. There is also the rumor that the CyberTruck...
  17. israndy

    Tesla won the EV Plug War - Fast Company article

    What the heck is going on with that article, headline doesn't match content
  18. israndy

    Two Cybertrucks Up Close Driving By! 👂

    Wonder why everyone always drives with the vault open It can't be good for range, all that loss just so you can use the mirror part of your video mirror or open the rear window
  19. israndy

    Wade pit! Cybertruck in water fording test at Giga Factory [Aug 18]

    Might even be more than a century ago on Chitty Chatty Bang Bang