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    Video courses - DIY Color Vinyl Wrap for Cybertruck (by TESBROS)

    We just released several lessons for the DIY Wrap Kit for the Cybertruck on our course website! All our kits will come with this step-by-step video course with additional reference materials that'll help owners wrap their CTs successfully. If you're looking to wrap your CT or just interested in...

    Foundation Series Decal Available in Gloss Black

    If you're doing a wrap and don't want to cover it up completely, you can get our Foundation Badges. It comes in Gloss Black. We're also working on getting matte clear so it will give it more of an etched look instead of just black or white. The kit includes "guides," so you don't have to...

    TESBROS - DIY Wrap Kits for Teslas & Cybertruck

    We're excited to be a part of the CTOC! I first purchased a Tesla Model 3 in 2018 and started a blog to add value to the community when there wasn't as much content back then. Then it turned into YouTube, then an online store. 5 years later, we've established a business helping Tesla owners...